Monday, April 27, 2009

TV Recap: "Gossip Girl": The Seder

The most interesting vignette of last week's episode—despite the show's efforts of giving the Seder maximum screen time—was most certainly Chuck's epiphany. It started off when he harmlessly mocked Serena upon her return from Spain, and classically interrupted Jenny's date with her lab partner. Jenny reamed him out for disrupting her date and told him he was lucky he had a family to come home to—and even luckier because she hadn't yet told her father of the time he tried to rape her (I'm just as shocked as you are). She was right. He does enjoy coming home to a family, since despite the fact that he had a visitor, he was the first eager beaver to greet Serena when she returned. Sure it was under the pretense of catching her in the lie that she hadn't been up to no good in Spain, but he always needs a guise to show he cares.

The night seemed to climax, ironically, when he sent his date home unsatisfied, and even when he apologized to Jenny whole-heartedly, promising to not be around if she moved in for her peace of mind, but it was actually at its best when Nate came over to sulk. (Is it just me or is it inconsiderate of him to vent about breaking up with a treacherous Blair, knowing Chuck is in love with her?) There was a part where Nate condemned her, saying she hadn't changed since she made a deal with his grandfather to persuade him to go to Yale in exchange for getting her in. But Chuck didn't pat his friend on the back and agree, he told him straight-up that had she not changed she would've chosen Chuck over him. The truth is she did. She could've sided with his grandfather even after it was revealed that he was the one who had his father investigated, but she didn't. She forfeited Yale for him. Like Chuck said, she just needs someone to believe in her. Sulky Chuck is always so revelatory. Right then, Nate should've realized how in love his bff was. He should've stepped aside. I thought for a second that's what he went to do when he showed up at her house, but I guess not.

Perhaps the previews of B and Chuck spending the night together and holding hands in the backseat of a limo are signs of what we've all been waiting for. Speaking of previews, I CAN'T WAIT to see a born-again Georgina tonight. Last time I checked, hell didn't freeze over and pigs aren't flying anywhere.

Favorite Lines from the Episode:
Blair described the NYU student lifestyle as reading Beloved and experimenting with lesbianism. I went to NYU. F U Blair. I can't wait to see if she actually attends the university. I can't imagine how she'll treat the other underclassmen—probably as warmly as she does Dan. Oooh I wonder if she'll dorm. The roommate possibilities are endless. She could get a female version of Dan. That would be priceless.

Serena wondered why Chuck slept with a girl the night before if the last time she saw him, he was pining after Blair. He admitted that he was, then countered with: "But then I realized I'm a 17 year old billionaire with tremendous stamina." He never fails to make my skin crawl.

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