Thursday, April 02, 2009

TV Topic: "The Mentalist" & "My Boys": The Long-Awaited Kiss

I watched "The Mentalist" and the season premiere of TBS's "My Boys" last night and realized the importance of the long-awaited kiss. There's always a build up of sexual tension between two characters who are crushing on each other. While we waited an entire season to see if Bobby would ditch his fiancee for PJ, we only waited a few episodes to see if Rigsby would ever confess his undying love to Grace.

After watching Bobby take PJ into his arms, interrupting her long rant about how she had developed feelings for him, I realized that maybe a short anticipation and several closeups of the kiss is the best way to handle this type of plot climax, because the end result of "The Mentalist" was by far the most romantic declaration I've seen between two crushes in a while. Granted he was hypnotized and claims to have no memory of it, but it was still hot. lol

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