Sunday, April 12, 2009

TV/FILM Topic: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie

As I said earlier this week, Sarah Michellar Gellar didn't exactly hit paydirt when she transitioned to film after her hit series "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" ended. So it's no surprise that she's considering taking Buffy to the big screen. While she does have a new HBO series in the works, Alyson Hannigan is working hard on her hit CBS comedy "How I Met Your Mother," Anthony Head (Giles) just finished filming the British crime film The Finest with Idris Elba and is about to film the Shakespearean adaptation of Macbeth, Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) just signed on for NBC's new medical drama "Mercy," and Eliza Dushku (Faith) has FOX's "Dollhouse" and the horror film Open Graves. The only cast member who's free as a bird is Nicholas Brendan (Xander).

When it comes down to finalizing the roster, I hope they work in Seth Green's Oz. Aside from pre-dark-witch Willow, he was my favorite character. He has the animated film Mars Needs Moms! and the sequel The Brazilian Job in the works, but I'm sure he could fit in a few funny moments for our viewing pleasure. Plus, they should definitely capitalize off of Twilight fever and add more wolves. Since he left the series, he could come back with his pack. And since James Marsters' Spike was revived in "Angel," he could come back too. Imagine the look of surprise on Buffy's face when she learns he survived sacrificing himself in Sunnydale.

However, I'm hearing that she might be a mom in the film. I wonder if it'll be to a teenager who she has to train to become the next slayer. That'll be sick, because not only would she have a trained fighter as a mom, but a wiccan as a godmother--twice as powerful as her mom ever was. Oh god I just pictured Ashley Tisdale trying to fight vampires. She's so vintage Buffy--pre-watcher. Yikes. What blonde teenish looking actress do you think could play Buffy's kid? How about...maybe Emma Roberts or Hayden Pannetierre.

Woa. If she has a kid, then she has to have a husband right? Hmmm, or maybe the kid's an adopted slayer. You know, cause at the end of the series all the slayers were activated and they united to prevent the end of the world, so maybe she got attached to one in particular. But if she does have a husband, who would be big enough to draw attention, but not so name-brand to deflect from the lore? Hmm, maybe Alex O'Loughlin ("Moonlight") or Steven Strait (10,000 B.C. and The Covenant):

Then there's Willow. If I'm not mistaken Tara died, so that leaves an opening for a love interest. After seeing this dark image of Sophia Bush, I'd snag her for the role of her wiccan counterpart.

The biggest "get" would definitely be David Boreanez (Angel). I feel like the only reason they didn't end up together--besides the whole curse thing, lol--is because Boreanez wanted his own series, so why not give avid fans the happily ever after they always wanted. Although, that would make it awkward if Spike is around. Plus, if they did have Angel in the movie, it would beef up the cast. We'd get Amy Acker (Fred), who just joined a new series called "Happy Town" and has a role on "Dollhouse," Alexis Denisof (Wesley), who is totally free, J. August Richards (Gunn), who's on TNT's "Raising the Bar," Vincent Kartheiser (Connor), who gets swarmy on AMC's "Mad Men," and Charisma Carpenter, who just wrapped the horror flicks House of Bones and Vivid, and is about to start filming The Expendables. The only person who's officially out is Andy Hallett (Lorne), who met an untimely death earlier this year. [R.I.P.]

No matter who's in the film though, I just hope they introduce more mystical elements into Buffy's mythology. I mean, there are just so many things that go bump in the night.


  1. I like the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie far better than the TV series. It was funny, cute and it had Luke Perry with a goatee. If they do that kind of remake Ashley Tisdale could do a Kristy Swanson.

  2. Cordelia's character died on Angel as did Fred (although the Alyria demon that possessed her body through the end of season 5 did give her a dark willow kinda sexy).

    But the idea would be awesome if it come to fruition. David Boreanez initially ruled out an angel movie because it wouldnt have gone to the Big screen. But maybe this movie will (with the twilight fanfare and, hey the X-files did a movie almost 8 years wrapping and it went to the cinema)

  3. I think that who ever wants buffy to change is dumb and should go reconsider what they are sayin bc buffy and angel should so b together. i mean and then spike can just go back with the buffy bot or with harm... hah..