Thursday, May 07, 2009

ALBUM REVIEW: Ciara's "Fantasy Ride"

I'm normally a fan of most Ciara singles, but never her entire album. This third album, Fantasy Ride, is no different. My main problem with her has always been that she tries too hard to be sexy. You can see in her video for "Love Sex Magic," where she gyrates all over Justin Timberlake, that it's her mission to put out this sexual impression. It aint working. I prefer girl-next-door Ciara of the "1, 2 Step" video. That said, my favorite tracks are:

"High Price" featuring Ludacris
It's actually the only collaboration I like on the entire album, which is unfortunate since along with Timberlake, she recorded tracks with Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, The-Dream, and Missy Elliott. It seems she was depending on her collaborations to really sell the album. With Brown on everyone's shit list and Elliott phoning it in, her best bets are the Timberlake track and this one. It's perfect to dance to.

"G is for Girl (A-Z)"
It's the best lyrically—the way it plays with the alphabet. It's probably the best lyrics she's ever put to music. However, it's still rather juvenile and just a party song.

"Tell Me What Your Name Is"
This is my favorite from the album. Here she showcases modest sensuality. It isn't forced or feigned. It's just naturally seductive. Plus, it's a playful love song, which could be good as a summer jam for all those impending summer flings.

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