Friday, May 08, 2009

TV Topic: "Grey's Anatomy" Wedding + Booth's Illness on "Bones"

"Grey's Anatomy" Wedding Twist
I loved it! 6 snot-soaked, tear-stained tissues means I loved it. What did I love so much that it turned my brown face red? The twist. Derek gave Izzie his wedding because he found a super tiny tumor in her brain that he can't get out. Bailey told him that since she's probably going to die, she should get to have the wedding she clearly subconsciously planned for her self. Meredith clued Alex in and he didn't hesitate. So Alex and Izzie got married instead of Meredith and Derek. Lovely. My favorite part was when the priest scolded Alex for kissing Izzie after finishing his vows, prompting Alex to playfully insist: "Hurry up!" I get it now why they say that Katherine Heigl might be nominated for an Emmy for this particular role, but I think whoever wrote her narration should get one too. The most profound statement she said was in regards to what defines the perfect day: "The day you realize there's not enough time, because you want to live forever." Incredible.

Booth's Secret Illness on "Bones"
After watching the "Bones" version of hallucinating-due-to-a-tumor, I decided they did it better. "Grey's" just drew it out too long. They tried to trick the viewer into thinking it was a spiritual or romantic thing, but "Bones" succeeded in tricking the viewer by making the occurrence sporadic and involving different people, some even animated—Stewie was hilarious. However, while I did appreciate Brennan being able to surmise that Booth was ill because an entire hospital full of people on "Grey's" didn't notice Izzie was, I still thought his diagnosis was rushed. I mean, next week it seems he's back to his old shenanigans after his tumor extraction. Some things are just too hard to believe. The entire emotional experience lasted all of 10 minutes. It took place at the end of the episode where Booth practically begs Brennan to scrub in on his surgery because he didn't want to go in alone. The situation overshadowed the entire episode's premise, which was basically that Brennan decided she wanted to have a baby...but not just any baby, Booth's baby. Everyone thought it was nutso, as did I, but we got a sneak peek of the two of them in bed together next week, so maybe they decided to do it the old fashion way. That I wouldn't mind.

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  1. Yeah she decided she wanted a baby and so they slept together. And they got married. Because the black lady refered to Booth and Brennan's husband.