Saturday, May 02, 2009

MUSIC: Robert Pattinson Singing His Song "Let Me Sign" from "Twilight"

I'm always amazed by how un-British British people sound when they sing. That aside, Rob actually sounds really good. I imagine he looks funny when he sings too. I'm just picturing John Mayer-type facial expressions. lol Now if only I could understand what he was saying without having to read the lyrics below:

She was standing there by
The broken tree
Her hands are all twisted
She's pointing at me
I was damned by light comin'
Out of her eyes, she
Spoke with a voice that
Disrupted the sky
She said walk on over here
To the bitter shade
I will wrap you in my arms
And you'll know you've been saved
Let me sign
Let me sign


  1. I would have never guessed that was Rob Pattinson. Never! Are you sure it's him? hehe. He sounds like some dude who grew up in the South. Perhaps someplace like Nashville or Georgia. Maybe even Alabama. That's crazy.

  2. Holly said

    I never would have gussed the rob was singing his song. I always thought that someone else was singing his song. Rob is an amazing singer. I always wanted to sing with rob and if rob would come down to owatonna that would be cool. I am almost done reading the books! The first day i got the book was when i stayed up till 3 in the morning reading twilight i was almost done reading that book. I coudnt put the book down! Well i hope other people will read the books and want to keep reading all of the books