Friday, May 01, 2009

TV NEWS: Renew it?: "Chuck," "Dollhouse," "Parks and Recreation," "The Unusuals," "Privileged," and more

This is a list of shows that are still waiting to be renewed and my opinion on which one's should get the greenlight:

"Better Off Ted": I've only seen about three episodes, since I usually opt for recording CBS and watching FOX that night, but it seemed somewhat funny. Not laugh-out-loud, tune-in-every-week funny, but funny enough to pass the time. Office comedies are a hard genre to pin down though, so with that in consideration, it didn't do too badly.
Renew it?: Eh
It was renewed!!

"Castle": Nathan Fillion is a pretty charming guy, but aside from that, the chemistry between the entire cast isn't exactly perfect. It's not as solid as say "The Mentalist." At first, I liked the idea of a cop being trailed by an author, but it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere substantial. They keep teasing us with the prospect of the two leads falling in love, but that's no different from countless other series. I want to see more about her private investigations of her mother's murder and of Castle's previous adventures.
Renew it?: I wouldn't exactly mourn its demise.
It was renewed!!

"Chuck": After watching the season finale where Chuck gets a new Intersect downloaded into his brain—one that now allows him to upload new skills, like martial arts (omg)—I'm totally psyched for next season. Think of how much more helpful he'll be now that he can technically take care of himself. Plus, we've only been introduced to Chuck's dad. If he lied about why he left, maybe his wife isn't dead either. I wonder what her story would be. After all, Fulcrum is no longer an issue and there's a new nemesis in town. Hopefully they won't tread the same path as "Prison Break," making the mom the head of the nefarious organization, but I am interested in meeting the woman who birthed Chuck and married a computer genius.
Renew it?: Definitely!
It was renewed!! But one of the characters might get cut. Perhaps one of the managers?

"Dollhouse": It all really hinges on the big reveal of Alpha's identity. I thought it was the agent. I know that's crazy because we've been lead to believe that Alpha is fully conscious and self-aware at all times, but I read that we've already "met" Alpha, so I bet on him. The series itself boasts interesting characters, great action sequences, and funny moments. However, now that Alpha has been revealed, where will it go from there? They keep saying that the Dollhouse is a global organization, one that was almost even co-opted by the government, so it's not like it can be destroyed.
Renew it?: I wouldn't exactly mourn its demise, but I have to say I am impressed by Eliza Dushku. I didn't think she could pull off a different personality every week, but she did a great job.
It was renewed!!

"Gary Unmarried": This series gets to boast having both funny adults and funny kids, which is a rarity, but it doesn't hook you like other the ones that air on Mondays. lol
Renew it?: I wouldn't exactly mourn its demise.
It was renewed!!

"Life": They're saying it's unlikely that the series will be renewed, which was denoted by the fact that they wrapped up the season nice and tight. He finally got revenge on the men who sent him to jail and murdered his friend and family, and he finally found out why they did it. He's technically now the head of the corrupt cops who run the city, but it's unlikely he'll take the position seriously. Not to mention, he saved Reese, and his bff Ted went to find his true love in Spain. All is well. But if they returned for another season, Charlie could delve deeper into the organization of these corrupt cops, Reese could tackle whether or not she's falling for Charlie, and...well, we'd get more of oddball Charlie.
Renew it?: I think he's so amusing to watch, why not drum up some other conspiracy theory just for another season?
It was cancelled!!

"New Adventures of Old Christine": I'm hearing that it might get picked up by ABC, which I'd appreciate since Julia Louis-Dreyfus is beyond hilarious. She's one of the funniest women on TV and in Hollywood. It doesn't really matter what the plot of the episode is every week, she is a one-woman show.
Renew it?: Yes, please.
It was Renewed!!

"Parks and Recreation": There's rumors that there's a very good chance it'll get renewed. I don't love it as much as I love "The Office," but I didn't start liking that series until I rented four seasons and watched them straight-through one hot summer weekend, so... However, I'm sure my appreciation of it has mainly to do with the Pam+Jim storyline and there isn't something quite as substantial as that on this series. There just has to be a better weekly allure than getting a ditch filled. Sorry Leslie.
Renew it?: Sure, why not? -- [I just saw this week's episode and it was way more funny than usual. Keep it up.]
It was renewed!!

"Privileged": The CW is never quick to cancel, but this series has been on the bubble for quite some time now. Technically it has somewhere to go next season since Megan slept with some guy she met at a party even though she's still with Will, and the girls are growing up and apart, but it needs something a little more scandalous to be CW viewer-worthy. Maybe it should move to ABC Family to be paired up with "Greek."
Renew it?: Eh. I love Megan, but I don't necessarily love her story or surroundings.

"Rules of Engagement": There's a chance that the sub-par relationship comedy will be renewed.
Renew it?: Eh.
It was renewed!!

"Samantha, Who?": I thought the first season was way funnier, but I still love the characters and her journeys of self-discovery. But I agree, it's not enough to make you want to tune in every week.
Renew it?: I wouldn't exactly mourn its demise.
It was cancelled!

"Scrubs": ABC is busy locking in all the main characters who are deciding whether or not they want to do one more season. I feel like they're just beating a dead horse, but maybe that's just me.
Renew it?: Let it go already.
It was renewed!!

"Surviving Suburbia": I watched one episode and I wasn't really that amused.
Renew it?: Don't really care.
Cancelled!! [according to Dark Horizons and EW]

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles": I admit it gets a little tiring and the fact that the saga is about to be rebooted on the big screen with Christian Bale as grown-up John Connor doesn't help either. I mean, who wants to go home to the $5 Terminator when you can go see the $100 million Terminator in theaters? That said, I enjoy watching how time-jumping and the loss of loved ones affects John's psyche and turns him into the leader of the resistance. Plus, I've been dying to see what Cameron's real relation is to him. Something tells me it's not just creator-machine. But it just got even more interesting now that John traveled to the future with the seemingly helpful liquid metal Terminator and came face-to-face with his dad, his uncle, and a potentially alive Cameron, who have no idea who he is. Talk about awkward.
Renew it?: If they can't give us one more season, they should at least wrap it up with one fantastic 2-hour finale/made-for-TV film.

"The Unusuals": I really thought this one had a chance. I don't think it's fair that it's getting judged 4-episodes in, but I think it's delivered solid content so far. We have a mystery established, interesting characters, interesting cases, and a healthy amount of weirdness. What's not to love?
Renew it?: Give it at least a full season.

"Worst Week": According to EW, it hasn't officially been cancelled, but it's a long shot that it will be renewed. I thought it was one of the best physical comedy shows I've ever seen. Kyle Bornheimer has a knack for making you cry-laugh with just one look.
Renew it?: Come on, if "Rules of Engagement" gets to stay...

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