Monday, June 01, 2009

BUZZ: MTV Movie Award Winners & Weekend Box Office (5/29)

I was going to do an overview of the MTV Movie Awards, but after seeing that Twilight and High School Musical 3 were the big winners, I lost all respect for it. lol On what planet does Catherine Hardwicke deserve a Best Movie Award over Slumdog Millionaire and Dark Knight? Kristen Stewart for Best Female Performance? Really? The sputtering, nervous tick, and spontaneous bursts of psychotic fear--that was the best performance? She managed to beat: Angelina Jolie (Wanted), Anne Hathaway (Bride Wars), Kate Winslet (The Reader), and Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Really? Alright, maybe it's plausible that every teenager that voted would create this Twilight landslide. They are a rabid fan base. However, I'm still a little skeptical and I wouldn't be surprised if the award show is just a marketing tool and they bought all of those awards. Either way, it's un-f*cking believable.

As for the weekend box office, I think it's needless to say that so far Up is set for the Animated Oscar. I thought it was hilarious when I got a sneak peak at this year's NYC Comic Con, and I can't wait to see it. Apparently, the feeling was mutual among the critics and the multitude that helped it amass $68 mil in it's first weekend. In taking the #1 spot, it put the Night at the Museum sequel at #2 with a whopping $105 mil in its second week. Drag Me to Hell, the sole horror flick in the top 10, debuted this weekend at #3 with a meager $16.6 mil. The critics loved Sam Raimi's (Spiderman) mixture of suspense and humor, but perhaps Alison Lohman (Flicka) and Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) weren't big enough draws. Terminator Salvation took a bit of a hit, dropping to #4 in its second week and only reaching $90 mil, which is hardly a bite out of its $200 mil budget. Hopefully, it'll break even before another blockbuster hits theaters. Star Trek, on the other hand, has been in theaters for a month now. It sits at #5 with $301 mil worldwide, and looks to be ready for a sequel due to critics' approval.

Angels and Demons steadies itself at #6 after three weeks with a $104 mil. Fans of the first film and critics weren't as bowled over by the sequel as expected. There's much less scandal surrounding it, which can't be good for the $150 mil budget. Unsurprisingly, Dance Flick has only grossed $19 mil in its second week and has already dropped to #7. Meanwhile, another X-Men: Wolverine is sure to be greenlit now that its made $316 mil worldwide in its 5th week despite critics' disapproval. And even I wasn't interested in yet another Matthew McConaughey rom-com, so it wasn't a bit surprising that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past only grossed about $50 mil during its stint in the top 10. Its meager success can be attributed to the fact that it's the only rom-com in theaters at the moment. The big surprise hit of the Spring-to-Summer season was definitely Obsessed. Even though the critics agreed with me in dubbing it crap, it rounds out the top 10, leaving with a respectable $67 mil after 6 weeks. Exiting the top 10 were 17 Again with $97 mil and Monsters vs. Aliens with $346 mil worldwide.

This weekend, Up and Night at the Museum will go toe-to-toe with Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost, the much-talked about Hangover will add a little adult humor to the top 10, and the indie dramedies Away We Go and My Life in Ruins will give chick-flick lovers a few more options.

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