Monday, June 01, 2009

TV: CW Finales:"90210," "Gossip Girl," "One Tree Hill," "Reaper," "Smallville"

Um, Annie killed someone. She. Killed. Someone. Peer pressure at its worst ladies and gentleman. At the beginning of the episode, Annie was trying to prove she was a good person to Liam, so she accepted a geek's invitation to prom. Liam later trusts Naomi with his entire backstory and she was so touched that she told her sister Jen all about it. When Principal Wilson overheard the location of the prom after-party, everyone thought Annie told him, and when the geek realized it was a pity date, he lied and confirmed it. So Naomi offered her newly purchased home as the new location of the after-party. Jen didn't want teenagers trashing her valuables, but Naomi paid for all of it, so she couldn't object. Instead, she tricked Liam into having sex with her by telling him that his life story was making the rounds all over school, and failing to inform him that she was Naomi's sister. After discovering Liam getting redressed, both he and Jen let Naomi believe that he slept with Annie. So once Annie got back from walking a drunk girl home, Naomi yelled at her in front of the whole party and everyone turned on her, throwing drinks and taunting her. So she grabbed a bottle of Vodka and called the police on her way to her car. The sun comes up, she's half way through the bottle, and her instincts after hitting a large object on a deserted road are to drive around it. Genius. This'll probably eat her up all next season, especially since Dustin Milligan, who plays Ethan, needed a way to exit the series. Ethan was probably out wandering the streets after kissing Silver and professing his random love for her right in front of Dixon, which means she killed her ex-boyfriend...or put him in a coma. Best of all, Liam's stepdad sent him to a wellness center that's basically rich people's juvy, so he won't get the chance to tell Naomi that he slept with her sister and not Annie, so she'll be all alone. This is the part where I could make some tired Kansas-Wizard of Oz reference, but instead I'll just say, "Welcome to LA bitch!!" In other gossip, Adriana had her baby and reluctantly gave it away, Kelly apparently has a crush on Principal Wilson, and it turns out Jen is married.

"Gossip Girl"
So many let-downs. First off, right off the bat, what was up with that anti-climatic, over-due and barely romantic reconciliation between Chuck and Blair? Really? Months and months of sexual tension, backstabbing, double-crosses, and manipulation, and all I get is a few gifts and the hardly audible I love you's in between kisses. Really? Then there was that completely unsatifying plot to unveil Gossip Girl lead by Serena. Since when has she ever been the mastermind behind anything? Oh and how about Jenny's last ditch effort to become Queen in order to free her and Eric from the reign of the next bitch-in-waiting? Juiciest gossip by midnight? I knew someone was just going to end up blackmailing those whores since Jenny already got the dirt on them months ago. I did, however, somewhat appreciate GG's fake-out--when she invited everyone to the bar and texted that they were GG, because they were the ones giving her the gossip. It's true. It's strictly supply and demand. It's not like she goes out there and does undercover investigations...that we know of. That was a pleasant surprise. Nate realizing that he was only highered in the deputy mayor's office because he was hot and she was a cougar wasn't. Nor was it pleasant when he decided that he'd beg Vanessa to let him join her on her backpacking trip just as friends. He's sooo fickle. One minute he's White House-bound and the next he's a free-spirited, globe-trotter. However, it did provide a nice, subtle intro of Dan's secret step-brother Scott, who tried to save Vanessa from having to awkwardly say no by pretending to be the guy she was going with. Even though he was unsuccessful and she ultimately agreed anyway, I'm excited about where his storyline is going. I'm also a bit interested in Serena's search for her dad with Carter Baizen's assistance. That spells trouble with a capital GG. The other draw for next season, of course, is the NYU roster. Not only are Dan and Blair going there next year, but so are Vanessa and--wait for it--Georgina!!! The reincarnated bitch signed up to be Blair's roommate. Can't. Freaking. Wait. However, I'm a little bummed that Michelle Tratchenberg was cast in a medical drama for this Fall, so she'll only be on GG for 3 episodes. But there's enough scandal to occupy us, so she won't be too missed.
My favorite parts of the finale had to be:
1) GG's summary of their post-graduation status: "Nate Archibald = Class whore." So true. "Dan Humphrey = The Ultimate Insider." Didn't get what that meant at first, but it's hardly that insulting. "Chuck Bass = Coward." Ouch! But accurate when it comes to love. "Blair Waldorf = Weakling." Double ouch! "Serena van der Woodsen = Officially Irrelevant." Not to mention, rather boring.
2) I kind of wanted to deck the screen when Blair said NYU was a "glorified state school." She's so lucky she's fictional.
3) I though Blair's framing of Serena's mug shot was a nice touch. Everyone should have one. lol
4) A nice insidery line that slipped by a lot of my friends was spoken when Blair pretty much crowned Jenny and disregarded the other girls' vote for some random girl I don't care to see again. She told the insignificant twit to move down on the couch to make way for Jenny ,and when she slid over a few inches, Blair said, "Not enough." It's a throw back to her awesome step dad and I loved it.

"One Tree Hill"
Well, the news has spread already that the actors that play Peyton and Lucas didn't sign on for another season. There are already plans to replace them with two new characters--one of which is Skills' new girlfriend (Allison Munn from "What I Like About You") and hopefully the other is Brooke's Julian. No worries though, the season was nicely tied up. Peyton survived giving birth to her new daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott. Nathan got into the NBA. He told his dad when he was on his way to visit Whitey, who had just told Dan that maybe he's still alive in order to seek redemption. Brooke's mom gave her back the company and intended on leaving town, but Brooke hired her as the New York manager. And with a little nudge from her mom, she went to Cali and finally swept Julian off his feet. Milli moved back to Tree Hill to be with Mouth. Mia promised to stay faithful to Chase while on tour. All is well in Tree Hill. It would actually be the perfect series finale, but apparently there'll be another season. I vote for another time jump. This time ten years should go by and we should see an older Jamie, Sawyer, Lily (Lucas' little sister), and any other kid that happens to fall out of the woodworks. I think the show did best when it focused on teen angst instead of the monotony of settling down. I mean, just imagine what little Jamie will turn out like now that his dad is a famous NBA star and his mom intends on pursuing her music career. Imagine what a female Lucas and a Lucas-Peyton mixture with the middle name Brooke would be like. They could be bonafied hell-raisers.

There's been talk of cancellation so it kind of left us hanging. However, I liked that the scenario was altered. It ended with not one but two soulless, demon-catching humans. Andi did a brave thing by putting up her soul as collateral for Sam's game of wits against the Devil. Granted, it was Quarters, but at least he was genuinely good at it. I couldn't tell though if that was the Devil's doing and Sam was just being manipulated for his own pleasure...I just don't get how much power the Devil has. Is he all-seeing and all-knowing like God? Because if he is, then there's no point in plotting against him. However, their angel friend Steve broke Sam's hand before he could win the game, and later explained that it was because he was told that it was for the best. That could mean anything. God could think that having Sam, a good person, work for the Devil is an advantage. Or--and this is the far-fetched theory that I've been toying with--the Devil isn't the Devil. I mean, he broke the shot glass when he was losing, making Sam have to go get another one and giving Steve the opportunity to break his hand. That could be a coincidence or it could've been a plot to win. You could think of it as the Devil manipulating Steve or you could imagine that maybe Sam is being groomed for a position in the war between good and evil, but it isn't on the side he thinks. Maybe this apparation that appears to him, calling himself the Devil, isn't actually the Devil, and maybe he only pretends to be because it's the only way to mold Sam into the Reaper that he needs to become. We'll never know though since there's no promise of a 2-hr movie wrap-up or anything of the satisfying sort. Bummer.

I feel like I've been waiting for the Clark+Lois story to begin for like ever! And now she's been transported to the future. What does that mean? If Clark tells everyone who he is at some point, won't she learn his identity there? *Sigh* Then there's the whole Jimmy Olson dies plot point, which pissed me off. Granted, this Jimmy was sort of a loose cannon with addiction issues, but it wasn't until he died that I realized Jimmy is supposed to be much younger than Clark and Lois. So when I saw Jimmy's little brother at the funeral with his camera, I realized that that would be the future Jimmy Olson. Nice. I still can't believe that even after Doomsday was purged of the alien demon, he still killed Jimmy in a jealous rage, but I did appreciate them redeeming Jimmy before he died. The whole drug addiction scenario was hard to swallow at first and the fact that he risked his life for Chloe again and gave her the watchtower that would be her organization's base made up for it. One aspect of the finale that I could've done without though was Oliver's sudden animosity towards Clark. He wanted to kill Doomsday even though he had a human side and Clark couldn't do it, so because the human side eventually killed Jimmy, Oliver blames Clark. Totally uncalled for. Unfortunately, while they were busy burrying both a hero and a villain, Tess had awoken yet another alien enemy they'll have to fend off next season: Zod, the father of Davis and the warlord that contributed to the destruction of Krypton.

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