Sunday, May 31, 2009

TV: CBS's Finales: "Big Bang Theory," "How I Met Your Mother," "The Mentalist," "The New Adventures of Old Christine"

"Big Bang Theory"
The boys go on a 3-month expedition to Antarctica for a scientific study and Penny hides her feelings about how much she'll miss Leonard. The season was steadily funny and the progression of Penny+Lenny's relationship is running as smoothly as two opposites that attract would run. There's hope for a little more romance next season, but there's no telling what the boys will return to after 3 months. Who knows? Maybe Penny will pull a Joey and land a steady gig on a soap opera.

"How I Met Your Mother"
I guess we should've expected Barney's profession of love to Robin to be unorthodox, but I was hoping for a little more emotion. It felt anti-climactic and juvenile. I did, however, like how they explained Stella's tie to Ted's future wife. Since her husband felt pity for him, he recommended him to a university that was searching for an architecture professor.Apparently, the position will lead to his wife. It was a perfect segue. Now I wonder if his future wife will be his student, his teaching assistant, a fellow instructor, or the head of the program. The student angle is kind of gross, but Ted's definitely the guy that should fall in love with someone over time, so this could be good for him.

"The Mentalist"
I'm glad they addressed the Red John case again and that they tapped into Jane's inner frustrations regarding the case. But when Lisbon told him that he was being selfish by trying to use himself as bait, I wished she would've been a little bit more specific. She kept the emphasis on how much the team needs him, but the tears welling up in her eyes were indicating differently. I always wonder whether they realize how little he values life--if they've seen where he sleeps, which is the very vacant room his family was murdered in. He may seem cheerful, but his only reason for living is to catch Red John. He was skeptical about having caught the serial killer's latest partner and I was too. I figured he'd kill himself though, not try to kill Lisbon. I guess we at least know that he wouldn't sacrifice everything in order to find Red John. Since he shot him to save her, he won't get to interrogate him. But like I said, I seriously doubt he would've said anything useful. He had a warped sense of reality. He thought he needed to cage the girl he was obsessed with to protect her from drugs and teenage debauchery. That mind wasn't stable enough to manipulate. Plus, if Jane didn't kill him, chances are Red John would've figured out a way to.

"The New Adventures of Old Chrisine"
Christine never fails to steal the show. Not only did she accidentally hook up with old Christine's engaged dad, but she occupied Richard's time on his wedding day by wallowing in self-pity. Understandably, old Christine couldn't take it anymore and bailed on the wedding. Meanwhile, Barb found a hot guy (James Lesure from "Las Vegas") to chat up with her new outlook on love. Unfortunately, he was an INS agent and she overshared to the point of revealing her illegal citizen status. Next season, should be hysterically dramatic.

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