Monday, July 13, 2009

ALBUM REVIEW: Jonas Brothers' "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times"

I feel pretty strongly that if we can consider Pink's latest a break-up album, then these boys wrote a revenge album. They go from trying not to have a "World War III"-level relationship argument and wondering "What Did I Do to Your Heart," to boasting that they've found someone "Much Better" because their ex was "Poison Ivy." Yet somehow it doesn't come off sounding vindictive or petty. They skirt the line between being whiny and just being honest.

"World War III"
I generally enjoy any track where Joe tries to get his scratchy-voiced rocker on. The song is about trying to avoid a girl (*cough*Taylor Swift*cough) who's intent on starting an argument. It's true that Nick was the one who wrote this on his own, but it seems truer to Joe's public romantic history.

"Paranoid": The first single off the album is a little addictive. I don't love it (maybe because it wasn't written by them), but it wouldn't get out of my head when I first heard it. It's definitely the melody that has me hooked.

"Fly With Me"
It's one of those "we'll be together forever" kind of songs that the Backstreet Boys used to sing, so it's perfect for a little summer pick-me-up.

"Poison Ivy"
This is probably everyone's favorite track, especially because of the part when Joe sings, "Everybody needs a little poison ivy / Everyone gets the itch / Everyone hates that..." Yeah, that's right. We're in the Twilight Zone and a Jonas brother just implied the word "bitch." (Hmm, I wonder who he was referring to. lol) That's probably not a very good message to send young boys who'll grow up to refer to women as bitches, but I guess as long as they don't say it, they're in the clear. Also, I guess it's important to note that they didn't even write this song, so it technically isn't their fault.

"Hey Baby"
I've always liked songs where it sounds like the singer is passionately begging for love and forgiveness, and Joe doesn't do a bad job of playing desperately in love.

"Before the Storm" featuring Miley Cyrus
I have no problem with the brothers collaborating with Disney stars, but I felt like the sudden romantic reunion of Nick and Miley has everything to do with the promotion of this single, which is She has better tracks on her own album. They should've spent more time on the composition and the lyrics, and a little less time in the tabloids. Maybe if they did a video, I could better visualize the emotion they're trying to verbalize.

"What Did I Do to Your Heart"
I really liked this song, because it felt like they were reflecting on their past transgressions and sincerely wondering what caused all of the strife in their relationship. It's pretty country (for them), complete with a chorus two-clap, but generally pop-driven.

"Much Better"
It's a song to serenade your new girlfriend with to reassure her that the last girl doesn't compare in the least. I mean, ugh, if whoever these songs are geared towards doesn't get the hint after this song, I don't think she ever will. lol

"Black Keys": Nick makes a solid effort at not only writing but singing his own solo, but it doesn't compare to the last album's "A Little Bit Longer."

"Don't Charge Me for the Crime" featuring rapper Common is so unbelievably bad that I won't even link to it. When rappers do bad collaborations for the money, it reflects just as badly on them as well.

"Turn Right"
It's the best ballad on the album. The high-pitched chorus is a little grating, but the sentiment resonates.

"Don't Speak": This track is really only recognizable for its musical composition.

All in all, I'd say they have another great album on their hands.

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