Monday, July 20, 2009

BUZZ: Half-Blood Prince at #1, Wolfman Reshoots, Ghost Rider Restarted, and more

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened at #1 with $160 mil, while Bruno free-fell to #4 with close to $50 mil. Public Enemies also stumbled a bit, dropping from #4 to #7 with $79 mil, and I Love You Beth Cooper was shoved to #10 with $10 mil. Meanwhile, the Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 retired from the top 10 with $63 mil, and the romantic indie 500 Days of Summer, which received rave reviews after opening in 27 theaters, came in at #12 with $838,000.

Natalie Portman will play Chris Hemsworth's (Star Trek) love interest in Thor. You know you've made it when your leading lady is uber famous.

• Only Hugh Jackman could make me laugh in his latest role in the comedy Avon Man. He'll be playing a car salesman who gets sacked and has to resort to selling beauty products and becoming an Avon man. While at first he feels emasculated, eventually he becomes the top seller and convinces his friends to join so they can win a regional contest. Sounds like a riot.

• The third Bridget Jones film will be about her struggle to get pregnant now that she's in her 40s.

Nicholas Cage wants to remodel the Ghost Rider film and make it less of a Western and more of an international thriller. I'm pretty sure the "Western" portion of the film wasn't the problem. It was the lame bad guys and the cheesy lines...oh and you.

• The remake of the 1971 thriller Straw Dogs will star James Marsden (27 Dresses and Enchanted) in Dustin Hoffman's role, Kate Bosworth as his wife, and Alexander Skarsgard ("True Blood") as her high school boyfriend.

• I'm really hyped about this action-thriller Pursuit. It's about a photographer who falls in love with a mysterious woman while on assignment in Colombia, later discovering she's an assassin. Can't wait till it's cast. Taken director Pierre Morel is on board, which is even more reason to be excited.

Benicio Del Toro's The Wolfman is being reshot to make the werewolf more realistic and to make it move around on four paws rather than just two legs. It never bodes well when the graphics of a film look shotty enough to reshoot. Just ask Twilight viewers.

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