Sunday, July 19, 2009

TV NEWS: "Beautiful Life" Delayed, "The Listener" Canceled, and New Ben Stiller Spy Series

Mischa Barton's recent hospital visit is causing delays in further production of her model series, "Beautiful Life." I wonder if Ashton Kutcher, who's producing, is kicking himself for involving an actress that's been on the verge of becoming the next Lindsay Lohan slash Amy Winehouse...and not in a good way. The ironic thing is that Barton is playing a once-famous model who returns to the fashion business after a scandalous absence and is struggling to regain her stardom and maintain her sanity. Life imitating art much?
P.S. Wouldn't it be awesome if "Gossip Girl" crossed over with "Beautiful Life" and Blair chewed Barton's character up and spit her out?

• NBC's "The Listener" was cancelled, and it'll be replaced with "Law & Order" repeats starting July 30. I wouldn't say I'm surprised. Lacking a solid love story and failing to touch-base with the mystery of his past in every episode, which would be a major draw depending on how juicy it is, the series was bound to be canned. I really loved the cinematography though, and I think the standout actor was Oz, the subtly funny, 30-year-old, Turkish actor Ennis Esmer. Die-hard fans will be happy to know that the rest of the series will continue in Canadian markets.

Ben Stiller is teaming up with FOX to produce a John Goodman spy comedy called "The Station." Justin Bartha (National Treasure and The Hangover) seems to be capitalizing off his recent popularity to score a steady gig. He'll play a CIA operative who's on a mission in Central America to install a new dictator, and Goodman will play his mentor. Could be good for a couple of laughs. But the more action scenes (and therefore money) it employs, the less time the network will give it to garner a massive fanbase, whcih was the inevitable downfall of "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles." If this is FOX's attempt at creating a "Chuck" carbon copy, it better learn from the flailing series's mistakes: start small and bring the funny.


  1. I totally agree about The Listener -- not a great show, but Enis Esmer made it worth watching!

  2. I liked the Listener but can't find much news on it. also reports it as canceled.

    Not the greatest show, but good casting :) Oh well, another one bites the dust.