Thursday, July 30, 2009

CRUSHWORTHY: Johnny Pacar from "Make It or Break It"

Age: 27

Known For: Disney's "Now You See It..." and "Flight 29 Down: Hotel Tango"

Crush Component: When I first started watching ABC Family's "Make It or Break It," I was slightly interested in the gymnastics competition at the core of the series. But then the character Damon was introduced and I became intrigued. He's a smart-mouth musician who works at the pizza shop alongside underdog gymnast Emily. He's supposed to be the resident bad boy, complete with snark and mischievous behavior. He pretty much had me hooked once he called her bluff and stole a kiss. Then he clinched it when he bought her "outfit" at the fashion auction, which I'm pretty sure put a hole in his wallet...unless of course, he's secretly rich, which would be a nice twist.

Up Next: In the comedy Love Hurts, he'll play a guy who helps his newly separated father (Richard E. Grant from Penelope) learn how to date again, while trying to score the girl of his own dreams. And he also has a role in the war drama Fort McCoy.


  1. he is so dreamy ............

  2. i love johnny pacar....i wish i could meet him . im listening to his songs right now! ....teenage lovestruck.

  3. I really love you, Johnny, because he's a great actor and a great singer. In the last Episode of Seson 1 from Flight 29 down he cries and I also must cry, this was such a wonderful moment. I don't cry in films, just in that serie.
    It would be so great if I could meet him one day, if that should happens I#m the happiest person all over the world.
    I love you, John Edward Pacuraru

  4. He is soooo incredibly dreamy. I could look at him all day. Not to mention he's a great actor and singer. I would LOVE to meet him.