Sunday, August 02, 2009

MUSIC: Nelly Furtado's "Manos Al Aire (Hands Up in The Air)"

I wasn't too keen on Nelly Furtado releasing a Spanish album. I'm actually rarely excited about any non-Latino releasing an album in a language they're not actually fluent in just to make an extra buck. As a result, anything Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have recorded just seem ingenuine. It doesn't matter that Christina is half Ecuadorian or that Nelly is Portuguese, if you didn't write the lyrics in Spanish or have an understanding of the emotions behind bachata, salsa, meringue, cumbia, etc., then you should stick to what you do know.

However, after listening to "Manos al Aire," the first track off of Furtado's Mi Plan, I realized that sometimes Americanized Spanish songs don't suck. Not only does she have the enunciation down, but the intonation and the passion. Once it's released in September, I'll give it a shot:

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