Monday, August 24, 2009

BUZZ: New Matt on "Friday Night Lights," McAvoy's Cancer Comedy, and more


Quentin Tarantino is back on top with his #1 hit Inglorious Bastards, grossing $37 mil over the weekend. However, his buddy Robert Rodriguez's kiddie comedy Shorts debuted at #6 with $6.6 mil. Faring even worse is little Rory Gilmore, aka Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants), who failed to bring in the big bucks yet again with her rom-com Post Grad, opening at #10 with $2.8 mil. And dropping out of the top 10 are Jeremy Piven's The Goods with a meager $11 mil, and the well-reviewed teen flick Bandslam with $4.5 mil.

• I'm kind of bummed Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's Shutter Island was pushed back from October 2nd to February 19th. It just looks so good.

• Wow! You'd think Seth Rogen would avoid the cancer comedies after Funny People was deemed unfunny by the people. But, he's signed up for a supporting role opposite James McAvoy, who will play a 25-year-old who battles cancer for several years in an untitled film. The funniest thing about this film is that it dares not to mention drama as a genre it fits into. I can't imagine it'll all be funny.

• I swear to God if I have to watch another movie where Judy Greer (27 Dresses) has to play backseat to some beautiful starlet I'm going to form a protest. Yet again, the consistently hilarious Greer joins a film as a sidekick. This time she'll be playing a trainee instructor at a pharmaceutical company opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. The film, Love and Other Drugs, is based on James Reidy's novel about a Viagra salesman. It actually sounds funnier than the cancer comedy.

• A Dirty Dancing remake is in the works. Please God don't repeat the words, "Nobody puts baby in the corner."

• The Japanese movie Yomigaeri is being remade and renamed Rainbow Bridge. It's about a town whose dead people start coming back to life and returning to their families—but not as zombies. They've only classified it as a fantasy, but that sounds like a horror movie to me.


• I am unnaturally excited that Matt Lauria, the adorably Southern, gay assistant on "Lipstick Jungle," is joining "Friday Night Lights" to play for Coach Taylor. Could he be his new Matt, since Zach Gilford will only appear in the first half the season?

• The only reason I'd watch the new "Melrose Place" is for Michael Rady (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) and Ashlee Simpson, and now I have even more incentive to watch now that Step Up's Jenna Dewan has signed on for a few episodes. But honestly, I still need a little more persuasion.

• Both Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" and Syfy's "Warehouse 13" have been renewed for a second season. Love "Diva," tolerate "Warehouse."

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