Sunday, August 23, 2009

FILM: Adaptation of F.X. Toole's "Pound for Pound"

Producers are looking to cast a young Latino fighter for a boxing film called Pound for Pound. Billy Bob Thornton will play a retired and widowed boxer grief-stricken by his grandson's death. He starts to train an up-and-coming Latino boxer with a rough background. The story comes from Million Dollar Baby writer F.X. Toole. Since there aren't that many young Latino actors in the business, the first three that come to mine are these:

(Raising Victor Vargas and Lords of Dogtown),


(Crazy/Beautiful and World Trade Center)

Oh and no, I didn't forget Wilmer Valderrama ("That's 70's Show"). There's no way he could play a thug. I've stretched enough by adding Hernandez to the list. Any other suggestions?

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