Thursday, September 03, 2009

FILM: The True Plot Behind Jason Batmeman's "Extract"

Ok, I've been on the fence about Jason Bateman's indie comedy Extract, which comes out this Friday, ever since I first saw the trailer. It seemed relatively funny. I was surprised to see Ben Affleck trying to look like a slacker perv, and glad to see Kristen Wiig (Adventureland) continue to further her career. But I wasn't amped up about it like I usually am for comedies.

Then I saw a video where Beavis and Butthead (yes, the 80s cartoon characters) explained the movie in clear and concise detail...better than the trailer did. Basically, Bateman plays a factory manager who pays a gigolo to pose as his pool cleaner and seduce his wife (Wiig), so that he'd be free and clear to have sex with his new factory worker (Mila Kunis). But Kunis's character isn't interested him. The only reason she got the job is because one of his workers was injured. Kunis is a con artist and she plans on seducing that injured worker out of his million-dollar settlement.

How is it that the
trailer says NONE of that?

Oh, and this trailer is even worse! This trailer makes it seem like it's all about drugs. Although, I am amused by Ben Affleck's reference to marijuana as a flower.

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