Saturday, September 26, 2009

TV NEWS: "The Beautiful Life: TBL" was Canceled!

Mischa Barton's comeback series "Beautiful Life" was canceled. With only a million viewers this week, the CW had to cut it loose. Another CW series, "Melrose Place," is also floundering, but they're being more proactive in trying to find a ratings increasing solution. So far they've come up with asking Heather Locklear and Josie Bissett to reprise their roles. "Vampire Diaries," however, is doing tremendously well...for a CW series.

Read on to find out what the stars of the canceled series have booked in the future:

Mischa Barton: The historical dramatic indie she just wrapped in India, Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain, still doesn't have a release date on IMDb, despite the fact that its cast also consists of Martin Sheen and Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar). She's about to start shooting the teen comedy The Science of Cool, which sounds a lot like Weird Science. And she's rumored to have been cast in the drama Upstate with Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl") and Evan Ross. Since she usually plays fashionistas with overly dramatic problems, she could probably do an arc on "Ugly Betty," "Gossip Girl," "90210," or "Melrose Place." But considering that the first two offered her a guest spotting stint and she turned them down, I doubt she'll settle for stunt casting. Then again, it did wonders for Hilary Duff, who went from "Law & Order: SVU" to "Gossip Girl," and Michelle Tratchenberg, who went from "Gossip Girl" to a starring role in NBC's "Mercy."

Sara Paxton: She's rumored to be in the upcoming adaptation of Ray Stokes' Emma of Lulworth Cove. She'll play the lead character, a vengeful ghost who tries to destroy the marriage of the man she fell in love with after dying. She could probably audition to be a love interest for the newest Walker on "Brothers & Sisters," a snoop on "Vampire Diaries," or a temptation for Dale on "Greek."

Ben Hollingsworth: The only film he's shot this year is the indie drama The Joneses with Demi Moore and David Duchovny, which has no release date.

Nico Tortorella: He'll be in the drama Twelve, alongside Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl"), Emma Roberts, 50 Cent, Kiefer Sutherland ("24"), and Ellen Barkin (Ocean's Thirteen). It's about "a young drug dealer who watches as his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin's murder, which sees his best friend arrested for the crime."

Ashley Madekwe & Corbin Bleu have no plans set just yet.

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