Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TV RECAP: The Girls of "90210" Want Chinese Food

That was some seriously funny man-logic on "90210" last night. Dixon and Navid were explaining to Liam that women never say what they mean or what they want. They may ask you, "Do you want to eat Japanese or Chinese tonight?", but they've secretly made the decision already and they expect you to know the answer. In Navid's case, Adrianna really wanted Chinese one night, and she got pissed that he chose Japanese. So even though Naomi has been giving Liam the cold shoulder, what she really wants him to do is just try harder. She wants Chinese food! lol Sometimes when you can see the cogs working in a man's mind, you just can't freaking believe it's happening. Maybe the reason she thought you knew she wanted Chinese is because she's given you hints to it before. We don't think you're psychic. We just think you're listening. But of course that would just be delusional on our part, wouldn't it?

What Liam really needs to do is tell Naomi that he slept with her sister after she tricked him into believing Naomi betrayed him. He, of course, can't lead with the "I slept with your sister" part of the apology though, so he should probably be vague and explain why he slept with someone else first, then reveal who it was. Not that anything could really justify it, if they were headed towards a committed relationship. I am, however, happy that he told her it wasn't Annie. Unfortunately, revealing that it was her sister could cost him more than just a relationship with Naomi. Apparently, his alcoholic stepdad is itching to send him to juvy if he steps out of line one more time, having already stolen his patients' credit card numbers in the past. And knowing Jen, and her overly dramatic ways, she could get him arrested about as easily as she duped Ryan into believing she was a sweet, misunderstood, little rich girl. I can't believe her excuse for dating him is so that the rich guys that court her don't think she's a gold digger. No wait, what I can't believe is that Ryan is even interested in her. He went to Vietnam, and not the resort section, he's an English teacher, and he actually gives a crap about the happiness of his students. Why the hell would he like someone so vain and vapid? Kelly really did a number on his heart if he's willing to lower the bar to ankle level.

Liam will have bigger problems than Jen next week. After she convinced Naomi to send the sext of Annie to everyone at school, it seems Annie is about to retire the victim act. She did everything she could to try to stop Naomi, including admitting to sleeping with Liam because Naomi pretty much demaned it. But now the gloves are off. Whether she's going to make a play for Liam is unclear as of now, but she will most certainly be making Naomi jealous every chance she gets. Also turning into a green monster next week is Silver. Dixon is moving on right in front of her eyes. I wish Navid would too. His jealousy of Teddy and lover's spats with Adrianna seem so beneath him. Teddy may be famous and athletic, but he's so fake. I understand why he'd ask Adrianna to choose between the both of them, and I understand why Adrianna would be offended that he wouldn't trust her not to cheat, but since she 1) is a former drug addict and 2) got pregnant while high, she doesn't really get unconditional trust. That shit needs to be earned. Up until now, she's done nothing to deserve Navid's love and she really needs to start proving her worth (and no, I don't mean by sleeping with him, lol).

What I'm really looking forward to next week, besides Annie's new revenge tactic, is how she's going to behave around Teddy now that she knows he was the one who reported the hit-and-run she committed. I think he saw her. Now, since she was drunk and I don't recall whether or not we were shown the homeless person walk in front of her car, I'm going to stretch reality a bit and predict that Teddy was actually the one who hit the homeless person and he let Annie think she did it. Fingers crossed she gets a clean slate and skeazy Teddy gets exactly what he deserves.

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