Sunday, October 11, 2009

FILM NEWS: Bell vs. Aguilera in "Burlesque," Wayans as Pryor, Topher in "Predators," and more

• Who's sexier: Kristen Bell or Christina Aguilera? Well, we're about to find out. She'll star opposite the former pop star in the musical drama Burlesque, where they'll play rival dancers. Bell takes on the role of the loose-cannon main attraction whose spotlight is stolen by Aguilera's small town newcomer. Sounds like a battle of the blondes. All we need is a hot guy thrown in the mix and we have ourselves a throw-down.

Marlon Wayans is making strides since his triumphant return to the screen in this summer's G.I. Joe. Critics and fans were surprised to see Marlon not only being funny, but believably badass. Now he's being offered the lead role in the Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? biopic, which will cover the late comedian's controversial brand of comedy and his battle with drugs. Originally, Eddie Murphy was supposed to star, so Marlon really lucked out. But with Jamie Foxx's Ray as the model to follow, he might soon feel the pressure.

• The Griswold family is going on vacation again!!! Except this time, in the reboot of National Lampoon Vacation, Clark's son Rusty will be taking his own brood on the annual family vacation, and hilarity will ensue. I vote for John Krasinski to take over the franchise...or some similarly giant funny man, like Will Ferrell.

Topher Grace left "That 70s Show" a bit early to launch his acting career, but he hasn't blown us away yet. True, he scored a villain role in Spider-Man 3. But that was just the first sign that he's given up on trying to prove himself in the indie market. The second is the news that he's signed on to co-star in the Predators reboot. Granted, Adrien Brody (The Pianist) is also in it as the new leader of the skilled hunters, and Grace will be playing an accountant who's secretly a serial killer, so the film might have some credibility after all.

Ryan Reynolds is being sought after to join a long line of actors who've played the wrongfully accused. In Motorcade, "a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the U.S. president is kidnapped in New York." Screenwriter Billy Ray (Shattered Glass and Breach) has been tapped to re-write the script.

• Last year, the white journalist Devin Friedman wrote a funny and enlightening article for GQ, chronicling his attempts to make black friends after suddenly realizing one day that his social circle was pure vanilla. Chris Rock plans on developing it and titling it Will You Be My Black Friend? If he stars as the friend, I wonder who'll end up in the lead. If only Ricky Gervais were American.

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