Saturday, October 10, 2009

GET ADDICTED: Colin Healy and the Jetskis

I first heard this band on's youtube channel last month. They played the song "Just Call Me" acoustically:

There were two other acoustic performances ("So I'm the Liar" and "The One") that I missed, but it didn't really matter cause I was already sold. Once I heard the line "We're crazy / but we're not in love / and maybe we're not good enough for that" in "Just Call Me," I was pretty much sold.

There isn't much info on the net about the fledgling band, who consist of Colin Healy (vocals/piano), Jon Norton (bass), Tony Cornicello (drums), Harrison Weber (guitar), and Cullen MacDonald (guitar), but maybe you'll like their mini EP, ...Or Just Don't Go.


  1. haha... you spelled the front man's last name wrong :) It's Colin HEALY