Thursday, October 15, 2009

TV NEWS: Bratt Joins "Modern Family," New Cast Member on "Friday Night Lights," and more

Benjamin Bratt will guest-star on ABC's "Modern Family" to play Sofia Vergara's ex-husband, who is worshipped by her son because he's a daredevil badass.

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer behind "Gilmore Girls," is writing a new drama for HBO, which "chronicles the complicated relationship between three adult sisters, all writers sharing the same upper east side apartment building, and their mother, a domineering literary lioness who reserves most of her affections for their ne'er-do-well brother." Can't wait to see the cast.

• Before Thanksgiving on "90210," Naomi will find out who Liam really slept with, and Jen will get exposed as the manipulative liar that she is after someone hires actors to scam her.

• Not one, but two people get laid off on "Grey's Anatomy"--one this week and one next week.
• The reliably hilarious actress Rachel Harris has joined the cast of "Cougar Town" to play Courtney Cox's judgmental nemesis.

Jurnee Smollett (The Great Debaters) will be joining "Friday Night Lights" this season, as the daughter of an ex-football star and a student of East Dillon, the coach's new school.

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