Friday, October 16, 2009

TV TOPIC: "Grey's Anatomy": New Doctors from Mercy West

Ooooh! It was war on "Grey's" last night with the new arrival of the Mercy West doctors. Check out the competition:

Cristina vs. Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2)
He got Owen to give him Cristina's surgery, won his affections, and made a name for himself as the ER-hero for tackling a violent patient. He's like Cristina, but with a penis—determined and hungry.
Winner: Avery. He happened to catch something wrong with her patient when she wasn't around, so Owen gave him her surgery. It led to a blow-out argument with Owen, but in the end, she just gave up. She confessed to Meredith that she's tired of fighting for surgeries she doesn't care about, and she wants to hold a heart in her hand again. I'm hearing that she might get that chance soon if the chief hires a new heart surgeon, who I believe might be played by Kim Raver ("Lipstick Jungle").

Alex vs. Dr. Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner from "Everwood")
Adamson is kind of like Cristina in that she's heartless and steals patients and surgeries, but Alex wasn't giving up without a fight. They both were openly negating each other, finding flaws in each other's charts, and misleading one another, which led to their patient being misdiagnosed.
Winner: Adamson. Owen got really pissed at him when he failed to notice a certain problem, so he wouldn't let him weasel his way into the surgery. In the end, I couldn't tell which one got to go into surgery, even though he did tell her the wrong neurosurgeon to report to after saying she could do it. However, she had way more wins than him in the long run.

Izzie vs. Charles (Robert Baker from "Valentine" and Leatherheads)
At first Charles was charming and friendly. He revealed stuff about himself and he complimented her a lot. It seemed like she was hoping he could be her new George, especially after Adamson refused to not occupy his cubby. However, I thought he was flirting with her. But the truth is he was just manipulating her into giving him all the inside info he needed. He called her his "surgical bitch," to which she responded by dropping coffee on his sneakers. I would've decked him.
Winner: Charles. Because he screwed up her concentration, she mistreated a patient and ruined their last chance to get a transplant. Bailey ripped her a new one and the chief fired her. Unfortunately, during his lame laid-off speech, he stupidly referenced when Alex begged for her job, which made her so angry she left Alex a "Dear John" letter without any clue as to where she was going. If I were Alex, I'd kick Charlie's ass...instead of going to a recovering Meredith and an unhuggable Cristina and crying.

Lexie vs. April (Sarah Drew from "Everwood")
She pretended to be super sweet and was all smiles, but she was actually a neurotic passive aggressive. She spent most of her time scribbling in a little notebook, undermining Lexie's treatment recommendations, and doing her work before she got the chance to.
Winner: Lexie. It turns out that book was filled with self-affirming mantras that get her through the day. Go figure. She's uber insecure. She should be. Lexie is a natural born doctor, and actually way better at being a mean girl than you'd expect.

Final Score:
Seattle Grace - 1
Mercy West - 3

It was a tough fight, but I enjoyed the battle. We learned about the new doctors in a fun way and a lot of drama unraveled. All in all, it was a great episode. I especially loved the separate "coming out" pow-wow that Callie had with her dad, and Arizona's inspiring speech to convince him to accept his lesbian daughter. The best line had to be: "You can't pray away the gay!!!" You tell 'em sister!

The juiciest news I've read on the blogs is that Adamson is the one to worry about. She could potentially disrupt three different romantic relationships, going after the recently jilted Alex, or Mark, who could veer away from the sweet to the headstrong, or Derek, whose wife is on bed-rest for the next couple of episodes. Yay! Drama! It's probably more likely that Alex gives in though, since Derek is newly married and Mark just realized he's in love with Lexie. Poor Alex has had a pretty bad year and he just might find comfort in the wrong place. I would actually prefer a little action for Jackson. I mean, Charlie claimed during his con that he liked Adamson, but Jackson's hotter, and I can totally see Cristina consoling herself in his arms just to spite Owen. As of right now, none of the docs are slated for more than three episodes. So until the fans weigh in on what they think of them, they're all in danger of getting the boot. I kind of like what they all bring to the table. Next week, though, another doctor is fired after twelve are interrogated for a horrible mistake made in the ER.

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  1. It's a shame that most of them got killed off in the season's finale. :-(
    P.S. Avery is SO HOT!!!