Sunday, October 25, 2009

TV NEWS: New Shows for Angie Harmon, Judy Greer, Sarah Shahi, and Stanley Tucci

• When is Judy Greer ("Miss Guided" and 27 Dresses) going to get a TV show with staying power? She's currently attached to an ABC multicamera comedy adapted from the novel I'm With Stupid, which is about a Manhattan girl who deludes herself into believing that she fell in love with a park ranger while on a South African safari. When she gets back to NYC (and the real world), she starts to miss him. That is until he shows up on her doorstep, moves in, and starts to show a side of himself that didn't register during their exotic fling. Apparently, he's really dense. *sigh* Since the series won't last anyway, I vote for Travis Kimmel ("Tarzan" and "The Beast") or Jason Lewis ("Sex and the City") for the hunky role. They've made playing dumb an art form.

• Yay! Sarah Shahi scored a new series on USA. After "Life" was cancelled last season and she gave birth this summer, her career was sort of up in the air. But she has a shot at making a name for herself on her new cable series, "Facing Kate," where she'll play a newly divorced San Franciscan who quits being a lawyer to become a mediator. I guess since she couldn't save her own marriage, she's trying to save everyone else's. I would say it sounds kind of boring, but I thought the same of "The Good Wife" and "Drop Dead Diva" at first, and I was proven wrong...twice!

• Speaking of which, Stanley Tucci is attached to an HBO political drama that's sort of in the same vein as "The Good Wife," except it's from the politician's perspective. It'll follow a man who must recover from a scandal both career-wise and personally. It just marks the addition of yet another seasoned film actor to the TV ranks.

• After the major failure of the "Women's Murder Club" series last year, Angie Harmon took a little break from TV. She popped up again earlier this year in an episode of "Samantha Who?", which was also cancelled. Now it seems she's ready to return, but this time she's shooting for cable. TNT is developing a crime drama called "Rizzoli," which is based on Jane Rizzoli's mystery novels. Harmon will play a Boston detective who works with a female medical examiner, who hasn't been cast yet. So far the only promising news about this series is that the pilot was written by a "Bones" writer.

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