Sunday, October 25, 2009

TV Topic: Save Robert Buckley from "One Tree Hill"

Alright so when "Lipstick Jungle" was first canceled, I was eager to get Robert Buckley, its breakout actor, into a new project. I thought he had real charisma that surpassed his pecks, which he proved when he put some clothes on for a substantial role in "Privileged." Unfortunately, it was canceled as well. However, the CW has a knack for giving most of their jilted stars a second chance on another or a new series. We've seen that happen with Jared Padalecki (from "Gilmore Girls" to "Supernatural"), Bret Harrison (from "Grounded for Life" to "Reaper"), and even Ian Somerhalder (from "Young Americans" to "Smallville" to "Vampire Diaries"). So Buckley gladly suited up to play Nathan's smooth-talking, manwhore agent on "One Tree Hill."

Okay, so you could argue that he's had more lines on this series than any other, and that he's gearing up for a truly dramatic character arc surrounding the reason his agency forced him to minimize his client roster and vacation on the beach for the summer. But the thing is I have no confidence that "One Tree Hill" writers will create a good enough reason for why he had his so-called "meltdown." Nor do I care enough as to why he had it. Plus, his budding romance with Haley's sister Quinn is so dead in the water—about as dead as her eyes whenever she delivers a line, including the happy ones.

I'll admit, I gave up on OTH a season ago, but if this is what he needs to peddle in order to be taken seriously, I'd rather see him in another Lifetime movie playing the man-meat to some hasbeen cougar. Or he could just take a chance at auditioning for other shows. Let's see, what would he be good in? "Grey's Anatomy" is way too crowded right now. "Eastwick" already has jailbait, even though technically Kat is currently stealing Joanna's hottie away, leaving her hunkless. He could join "Drop Dead Diva" as Grayson's competition for Jane's heart, despite the fact that she also has a lawyer boyfriend and a mysterious husband who just magically appeared. Oooh, no wait, "Melrose Place" could use a new guy, especially since beefcake Auggie will exit the series after five more episodes. Honestly though, anything but this melodramatic crap I'm being subjected to.

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