Sunday, October 25, 2009

TV Topic: "Melrose Place" Remodel

In a last ditch effort to save the flailing "Melrose Place," the series (re)creators are aiming for a sunnier image. They thought the way to differentiate themselves from "90210" and "Gossip Girl" was to incorporate more criminally scandalous plot lines, like theft, murder, and prostitution, but the kids aren't biting.

So they've made plans to wrap up the entire Sydney mystery by the 12th episode, and make the series more of a "fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show," which involves dropping Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (Violet) and Colin Egglesfield (Auggie) from the roster. I guess it would be difficult to make a more "upbeat" show with a psycho on the loose, but I'm not quite sure how Auggie factors into that. My theories are that he either killed Sydney and Violet's seducing him for payback, or she'll kill him once he officially rejects her. Either way, they're out after the next five episodes. I'm not sure what Ashlee has lined up, but I hope Egglesfield doesn't give up and return to soap operas. I'm sure he can weasel his way into another CW series.

The series creators are also planning to add new characters and give Heather Locklear a bigger character arc, making her more of a central character, complete with love interest. With all of these promises, they've managed to squeeze out an order of five more episodes, guaranteeing us 18 in total. I must admit I'm a little intrigued as to what this "upbeat" Melrose will look like, especially since I just got used to the idea of doctor-by-day/whore-by-night Lauren relying on secretly broke thief David. I see sparks flying.

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