Sunday, October 04, 2009

VIDEO: Fefe Dobson's "I Want You"

Fefe Dobson, the Canadian pop-punk singer, who broke out onto the scene back in '03 with the vengeance-tinged, jilted lover anthem "Bye Bye Boyfriend," is back with a sophomore album. However, it's actually her third recording. Apparently, at the start of her career the record execs were in the market for yet another Canadian pop star who followed the same cookie-cutter prototype as Avril Lavigne. So while her would-be clone may have managed to maintain steady album sales over the years, I think Fefe's absence has afforded her a more stable psyche. She's at a point where she's no longer interested in cranking out commercial tunes or playing the celebrity dating game to get free press. So uninterested, in fact, that she independently produced her latest album, Joy.

Fefe has been slowly making her way back up the ranks for quite some time. You probably don't even realize that you've been hearing her songs for the last two years. The track "Watch Me Move" was in the "Lipstick Jungle" promos, and the song "Paranoia," which she'll release as a single eventually, was featured in "Fringe" promos. But the track that's garnered the most traction is the refreshingly new punk sound that she leaked in February called "I Want You." After releasing it officially in July and debuting a video for it on MTV in August, it's now being featured in the Whip It trailer. Perhaps that'll be a nice segue into the kind of career she was hoping for. With high ambitions to work with Jack White, being featured on a trailer for a movie with a soundtrack that includes The Raveonettes, Peaches, and The Ramones might lead to a promising career.

Check out the video:

The album has a loose release date of March 2010.

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