Sunday, October 04, 2009

TV Topic: John Cho on "Flashforward"

I didn't think I would like this show, but I gave it a shot because of John Cho (Harold & Kumar) and the interesting plot: Everyone in the world blacks out for 137 seconds and sees six months into their future, and there's some sinister conspiracy theory behind it all. While I'm interested in finding out why it happened and who did it, I'm more interested in Cho's storyline. His character Demetri is one of what seems like very few people who didn't have a vision. Everyone else did and he didn't. In the last episode, he met a sheriff who also didn't have a vision. She was happy because it meant that she wasn't burdened with a future she didn't know she could change like everyone else. But when she died within hours of meeting him, his suspicions were confirmed. He didn't have a vision because he wouldn't be alive in 6 months.

The only discrepancy with his theory is that his fiancee (Gabrielle Union) says she saw him in her vision and it was their wedding day. Now, she could be lying or assuming that since it's her wedding day, she must be marrying him. But if she is out-right lying, then that could mean that she's in on the conspiracy or she's trying to wish it into existence. Or even worse, if she's not lying and he is alive, then maybe he didn't see anything because he will eventually be in on the conspiracy. Okay, that's my wishful thinking. I really like TV-Cho. Unfortunately, I was hoping he'd be the guy they found on the stadium surveillance tape, who appeared to be the only conscious person in the world. However, according to the agents, that man was talking to someone in their present who also happened to be awake when everyone else was unconscious. And Demetri gets a phone call from a woman who says in her vision she was reading a file that described his murder, which takes place a month before this ominous future occurs. It's really not looking too good for Demetri. lol Either way, I'd say the show has me mildly hooked.

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  1. The premise plus John Cho and Gabrielle Union were my reason for giving this show a try. And I like it! "Cho-TV" works for me. Dear ABC: Don't kill off his character.