Sunday, October 04, 2009

TV Topic: Changes on CBS's "Accidentally on Purpose"

After seeing two episodes of this series, I can tell you that this show, like most CBS comedies, is really funny. But apparently, the producers didn't think it was funny enough.

If you watched both episodes, you might've noticed some glaring differences, making it obvious that the network wasn't too pleased with the original pilot. For starters, the gap between the pilot and the series being greenlit was so long that Ashley Jensen was visibly several months pregnant. And while we're on the topic of time jumps, the pilot made it seem like Billie and Zack were humping like bunnies for months before she got pregnant and the second episode implied there was only a one-night stand. They even changed her profession from photographer to film critic, so they can make her a sappy rom-com lover.

Of all of these changes, there are the good and the bad. The best would be that they replaced the black actor Cory Hardrict ("Lincoln Heights") with Pooch Hall ("The Game"), so that Zack could have an equally funny sidekick to his other buddy Davis (Nicolas Wright). No offense to Cory, but Pooch already has the fan-following in the comedy arena. The worst change, however, has to be the sudden whoring-out of Jon Foster. Since it's a show geared towards ladies, someone up top must've said, "Why isn't Jon naked more?" So for the second episode we were treated to not one, but three opportunities to see him shirtless and flexed. Wow! You know it's a recession when a seasoned indie actor like Foster goes from acting opposite Peter Sarsgaard in Mysteries of Pittsburgh to being cougar bait.

I'm not sure if all or any of these are actually improvements, but as long as it keeps the executives happy enough to keep it on the air for a season, I'll try to ignore them.

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