Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FILM: The New Actors in Twilight Saga: New Moon

There are a ton of new actors that'll appear in New Moon. Check out the members of Jacob's wolf pack and of the Volturi:

Sam Uley: Wolf-pack leader
(Chaske Spencer)

Emily: Sam's fiancee
(Tinsel Korey)

Quil: the last of Jacob's best friends to learn of his wolf heritage
(Tyson Houseman)

Paul: the most volatile member
(Alex Meraz)

 Embry: Jake's right hand man
(Kiowa Gordon)

Jared: the jokester
(Bronson Pelletier)

Aro: the leader of the ancient Italian vampire coven
(Michael Sheen)

Caius: one of the leaders
(Jamie Campbell Bower)

Marcus: one of the leaders
(Christopher Heyerdahl)

Jane: a guard who has the ability to torture people with illusions of pain.
(Dakota Fanning)

Alec: Jane's brother who can block the others' senses
(Cameron Bright)

Demetri: a member with unparalleled tracking abilities, speed, and strength.
(Charlie Bewley)

Felix: an enforcer
(Daniel Cudmore)

Heidi: a provider of food to the vampires
(Noot Seear)

Gianna: a human who works for the vampires
(Justine Wachsberger)

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