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TV Topic: "Vampire Diaries": Alaric's Identity, Tyler's Odd Behavior, and the 2010 Return Date!

The last two weeks have unveiled a lot of interesting subplots. I don't even know which revelation to be the most excited about:

Revelation #1: Caroline and Matt
What a curve ball of a relationship. I could've sworn Bonnie was jonesing on his baby blues, but I guess she's so busy wiccing out she can't deal with boys right now.

Last night, she didn't even seem in the least bit jealous. She also didn't seem interested in witchcraft anymore. I was hoping for a Willow-transformation. Hell, even a trick-per-episode Sabrina the Teenage Witch template, but I suppose she's just a catalyst character, meant to drive everyone else's storylines. As for the lovebirds, I'm not sure why Matt felt pressured to label their relationship. It's not like he'd been hanging out with a troll (or a vampire), so he didn't really have anything to be ashamed about. Maybe he was just trying to leave his options open. The intense look he gave Elena once she confirmed that she and Stefan were over, due to his pending departure, made it seem like he was hoping (and wishing and praying) to be her runner-up. Thankfully, the moment was diffused by Stefan's watchful gaze, leaving Matt to come to terms with the single option he had left. I was seriously amused when he made it official by yelling to Tyler: "Stop your little bromance bitch-act." What? lol Defeated much?

Revelation #2: Damon's Agenda
The extent of Bonnie's powers are pretty impressive, but the way in which they were used in last week's episode brought on the most exciting new development. Stefan spent the entire episode trying to soften Damon up and get him to spill on why he wanted the pendant. A few beers, darts, and football passes later, and Damon, who seems to not hate his brother, but miss him, was perfectly willing to reveal that he was going to resurrect Katherine. By the way Emily haunted Bonnie, we were led to believe she was evil and on Damon's side. But after she revealed that freeing Katherine, who was said to be trapped, immobile and unfed in a tomb, meant freeing dozens of other vampires that were trapped with her, the plan seemed insane. The chances of any of them being as kind and...vegan as Stefan are completely dashed by the fact that the townspeople tried to burn them alive—the same townspeople whose relatives now reside in the town. Mayhem and massacre are sure to follow, but Damon was willing to risk it all. It was amazing to discover that his secret agenda all along was to return to the life he once had: Stefan by his brotherly side and Katherine in his arms. But since Bonnie's ancestor possessed her and destroyed the pendant, any chance of that happening seemed impossible. Damon seemed defeated. Last week, I thought "Will he keep searching for a way to release her or will he try to woo Elena to replace her?"

Last night, however, Damon was presented with an alternative. Some other mysterious vamp knows how to free the entombed vampires, which means Damon isn't leaving until he finds them and frees Katherine. Of course!!! Why wouldn't some other vampire be just as devoted to one of those entombed vampires, like he is to Katherine? Brilliant!!

Revelation #3: Stefan Never Loved Katherine
Stefan admitted that he believes he was "glamoured" (I forget the VD word for it) into loving Katherine, and Damon fervently declared that he was completely of sound mind during their affair. Stefan tried to convince Damon that Katherine was just using them. Damon even said that Katherine told him about the pendant on their last night together, prompting Stefan to regrettably inform him that he was the last one to "see" her that night. You could see the hurt in Damon's eyes. I'm truly convinced after last week's episode that Katherine is pure evil, which makes me want her resurrected even more. I usually hate it when one actor plays twin characters, but I would love to see a Katherine vs. Elena throwdown, assuming Katherine actually cares if Stefan moved on or that Stefan really doesn't love her. It makes me wonder if Katherine's control over Damon is still in effect despite her entombment, or if he's actually controlled by love itself.

Last night, Damon said something really interesting. He told the newly turned and eager to learn Logan that every emotion you had for someone or something before being turned will be amplified after. So Damon's desire to be loved for who he is, despite his inner darkness, increased tenfold when he was turned, and Katherine is the only one who's ever accepted him. It's like Stefan said, he has no friends and no one loves him.  Where would he go and who would accept him? The only person he can count on is Katherine.

Revelation #4: Katherine's Unveiling
I'd honestly give anything to make Elena a little more interesting, and a little less helpless. Last week, after Stefan rejected her for the second time, I wanted her to find out that she looks exactly like Katherine. I wanted her to be repulsed and outraged and dismissive.

Last night, after they finally got it on, she discovered Katherine's image (which apparently just lies around the house, lol). I don't know if she felt everything I expected, but she was definitely no longer interested. Moral of the story kids: Never sleep with a guy until you determine that you look nothing like his ex. Do yourself a favor and make time for a quick facebook search.

Revelation #5: Who the hell is Alaric?
Last week, I was ecstatic that there was a new hot vamp in town named Alaric aka Ric (Matthew Davis from Blue Crush)! He was sporting a ring that looked similar to the Salvatores and it seemed like he couldn't enter Jenna's house without being invited in. I didn't really care that she could fall victim to his charm—she bores me too; it's an all-in-all boring family—but I was interested in why he wanted to know about their family. I thought he might have a vendetta against them or the brothers, or that he was in love with Katherine too. (Like I said, I'd give anything for her to be resurrected.)

But last night, after he humiliated Tyler's dad, saved Jeremy from getting an ass kicking, and killed Logan to protect Jenna, I was dying to skip ahead and google the hell out of his character's name. From his actions, all signs point to "good vamp," because we all know if Damon wanted something from Jeremy, he'd just trick him into doing it or kill him. So after an impatient 5 seconds of g-search, I found a yahoo forums link that suggested that perhaps he's a Slayer!!!!!!! and that the ring is just a memento. I don't know for sure, but that would be AMAZING! Think about it. He could've vamped out just like Logan. He could've crept up on him like Damon does. He could've been totally sadistic about the kill. But instead, he was a little wary, he had a stake prepared, and he totally didn't look like he enjoyed any moment of it. Whatever his agenda is, I doubt it'll harm anyone good, which is good because Stefan could use a little backup, since his brother's so schizo.

Revelation #6: The Strange Behavior of Both Jeremy and Tyler
Alright so last week, Jeremy was acting weird—weird in the sense that he was acting normal. No more brooding or whining. He did his homework. He read books. He even adhered to the mandated curfew. It would seem that Damon turned him into a saint.

Last night, he was even more "back to normal," drawing and making friends. Why he chose to befriend Tyler, however, I have no idea. Okay, so they both know how to draw. So! He's a douche! Alright, try to brush past how he tried to console Tyler after his dad's psycho speech about "being a man," and focus on why Tyler was behaving the way he was. It's true that it's pretty humiliating to be berated and emasculated in front of your romantic rival and that he might miss Vicki, but this is Vampire Diaries, not Dawson's Creek. His behavior has to be supernatural, right? I mean, what he drew wasn't normal. Granted, some teenage boys tend to draw superheroes and villains and monsters and machines all the time, but again, this is not 90210. When you draw what looks like a bald demon, chances are you've seen it somewhere before. Add that bizarro discovery to his mellowed-out act, the unnaturally long focus on the moon after he sucker-punched Jeremy and stormed off camera, and the creature that repaired itself after Elena hit it with his car, and I'm starting to think that maybe Tyler isn't human. I'm starting to think that maybe his father's desire for him to tap into a dormant testosterone-filled reserve isn't just about growing up to be an equally repulsive politician. What if vampires weren't just eradicated from the town by humans? What if something else took over the town? Okay, so the reasons I'm not throwing the word werewolf around is because 1) there would be more animal attacks reported (unless the rich can have whole animal carcasses delivered) and 2) Tyler wouldn't be able to stroll around under the full moon, unless he's the only wolf on xanax. But I'm still suspicious. There's something off about that kid. That said, I'm sure that whiny little drama queen is fine. She barely grazed her face in the accident. If someone doesn't come to save her, whoever it is will probably be harmless. And if not, considering how they deliberately stood in the middle of the road, maybe they'll make her a little more interesting. Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, there won't be anymore episodes until January 14, 2010, but if you missed any episodes or just love it to pieces, then you can catch 2-hr installments of the entire season every night from Dec. 14-Dec. 18.

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