Friday, November 20, 2009

VIDEO: Beyonce's "Video Phone" feat. Lady Gaga

WOW! Beyonce is a genius!!!!! NOT because of the video. The video is crap, as is the song. She's a genius because every time she acknowledges a threat to her diva-hood, she conspires against them, while pretending to be their friend. The only time she does female collaborations is to benefit herself. She once did a barely memorable video with Shakira to capitalize off of her Spanish fanbase. Now, she's collaborating with Lady Gaga, and managed the unthinkable. She got her to NOT wear a costume. She got Lady Gaga, the consummate visual artist and shock-stylista to NOT wear a costume. Name one time you've seen Lady Gaga without some bizarre ass clothing. Name JUST ONE!! She wears that shit to the airport. Beyonce got her to rock normal hair, normal makeup, and a white leotard, while she rocked like 20 different costumes. She stripped her of all of her creativity, reduced her to a video HO, and owned her ass. Now THAT'S diva.

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