Friday, November 06, 2009

FILM: DiCaprio & Maguire in The Third Man Remake, Mad Max Sequel, Galifianakis & Adams, and more

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are rumored to star in a remake of the cinematic classic The Third Man, a mystery thriller about a novelist who moves to Vienna to work for a friend, only to discover that he died in a shady traffic accident. I'm excited for two reasons: 1) Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) is adapting. 2) I hope Leo is playing detective because from the trailer for Shutter Island it looks like he has a knack for it.

Tom Hardy (RocknRolla) will replace Mel Gibson in the fourth Mad Max film, subtitled Fury Road, and Charlize Theron will play his leading lady.

• Jessica Biel figured out the only way to get roles that don't involve playing pretty is if she produces them herself. She's co-producing the drama The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which she'll star in with Jason Sudeikis ("SNL"). She'll play a wisecracking adventure-seeker who builds a raft to cross the Atlantic with the help of an introverted architect who lost his wife. And I guess in an effort to not stray from what we're accustomed to seeing her in, she's also producing the rom-com Fucking Engaged, which "follows a couple who make a pact to have sex every day leading to their wedding so they don't turn into their crusty old parents." I wish Ryan Reynolds were free to pair up with her.

Milla Jovovich is slowly transitioning away from brainless action roles, and veering into slightly familiar territory in the vein of thrillers and horror flicks. Her next project is the psychological thriller Faces in the Crowd, where she'll play a "woman who barely survives an attack by a serial killer and wakes up in hospital with a head injury that leaves her 'face-blind,'" which means she's no longer able to recognize faces and "facial features change each time she loses sight of them." She has to recover before her killer finishes what he started.

Zach Galifianakis is set to star opposite Amy Adams in the adaptation of Tish Cohen's dramedy Town House. He'll play an agoraphobic man, who lives with his teenage son in a historical town house he inherited from his rock star father. Running low on royalties, he's "forced to come to terms with his life," and in the process befriends a prostitute (Adams).

• I love when TV actors get together and make magic. Anne Heche ("Hung") and Ed Helms ("The Office" and Hangover) will star in the rom-com Cedar Rapids, which is about a "down on his luck insurance agent who goes to an industry convention to try to save the jobs of his colleagues." It's good to see that Helms isn't letting the industry typecast him.

January Jones isn't really properly utilizing her 15 minutes of fame. While Jon Hamm has the Ben Affleck-directed crime drama The Town and Zack Snyder's fantasy thriller Sucker Punch, she has two thrillers, taking backseat to Liam Neeson in Unknown White Male and Nicholas Cage in The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Get a lead January, before you're banished to TV forever.
• I hear they're thinking of doing a Men in Black III, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones haven't signed on yet. Why not start a new generation of detectives? I vote for Danny Pudi and Donald Glover, the hilarious young comedic duo on NBC's "Community," to take the lead.

• I love when film plots are derived from real life experiences. Julia Wertz wrote I Saw You, a romantic novel about the missed connections posted on Craigslist. Can't wait to see who they cast.

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