Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MUSIC: Rihanna's "Hard"

I wasn't impressed with Rihanna's latest singles, "Russian Roulette" and "Wait Your Turn," off her upcoming album Rated R. I accept the new sound—musicians always get better after they've suffered—but it didn't feel right just yet. Not until I heard her collaboration with Young Jeezy, who I don't even listen to on the regular, and got blasted by her bold-faced honesty. With lyrics like:

"That Rihanna-rain just won't let up ... Where them girls talking trash? / Where they at? / Where they at? / Where they at? / Where them bloggers at? / Where they at? / Where they at? / Where they at?"

it's obvious she's reached her bullshit-limit and she's ready to fight back. The chorus may be a little subpar, but at least she's on the right track. This one is worth a listen:

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