Monday, November 02, 2009

VIDEO: Shakira's "Did It Again" vs. JET's "She's a Genius"

I love when musicians find new and innovative ways to entertain me while I watch their music videos.

Shakira really brought new meaning to "a roll in the hay" with this one. I wonder how many takes before they stopped bumping into each other and giving each other bruises. I hope she recreates some of it on stage for an awards show.

I haven't downloaded a JET song since '03, but after listening to their latest album, Shaka Rock, I youtubed the track "She's a Genius," and immediately fell in love with the video. I know the model/actress probably didn't perform any of those bike tricks, but the prank-filled plot was still pretty awesome. It was like watching a modern Teen Wolf goof off for a while.

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