Monday, November 09, 2009

TV NEWS: Mark's Love Child on "Grey's," Sean Faris to Join "Vampire Diaries," and more

• There's a rumor that one of Mark's upcoming patients is going to be DRUM ROLL his long-lost daughter, played by Leven Rambin ("Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"). He'll have to seek Addison's help on "Private Practice," because she's pregnant and severely ill.

Lisa Kudrow will play a judgmental dermatologist on her fellow friend's series "Cougar Town." Her character will even get her hooks into Jules' ex-husband. Uh-oh! Cat fight!

• AHHHHHHHH! I love Sean Faris (Never Back Down)! He's so pretty, and now he's going to go be pretty on "Vampire Diaries" as an ex-high school football star-turned-bartender who becomes Matt's buddy when he starts working at Mystic Grill. Naturally, they wouldn't waste his hotness on a friendship, so I wonder which lucky lady he'll woo. Me thinks since he's older, Elena's sister might be the logical fit. But since she's kind of boring, I'm hoping for maybe Caroline, since it's obvious Bonnie is crushing on Matt.

• "Trauma" may have been canceled, and last week's episode may have seemed like a finale, but there are still 6 more episodes to air. Hopefully, they'll figure out a way to wrap it up nice and tight for us steady viewers.

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