Sunday, November 08, 2009

TV Topic: "90210": Dixon Attracts the Crazies!

This week's 9-0 was pretty interesting in that Liam seems to be rebounding with his new surfer chic, Navid is slowly edging back into the dating game (at the urging of Sam Ronson no less), Annie is sticking by her drug-dealing boyfriend, Adriana is back to popping pills, and Jen is digging her claws even deeper into Ryan making their relationship exclusive. But the major woa-moment had to go to Dixon's mom, who laid the smackdown on the cougar who faked a pregnancy to keep him under her thumb.

I knew that bitch was lying the moment she said she was a month along. She answered too quickly and the number was too round. But I don't think she's to blame. I'm starting to see a pattern when it comes to Dixon and women. First his mom is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is no laughing matter, then his first serious girlfriend Silver is also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And now, he meets a perfectly normal girl who he has a lot in common with, and somehow she loses all sense of reality once he rejects her. Dixon drives women literally insane. Luckily, his romantic history has proven that once these women separate from him, they regain their sanity. I bet someday he'll walk past her on the boardwalk, she'll be pregnant, and holding hands with her hubby. With any luck, both me and his mom will have been right, and that child won't be his. lol

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