Sunday, November 08, 2009

TV Topic: "Grey's Anatomy": Jackson & Christina + Reed & Alex

I had high hopes for the new docs on "Grey's." Actually, I was mostly hoping that Jackson would be a far more interesting character than he is. To date he's just a catalyst for Owen and Christina's tumultuous relationship. We don't have any backstory or reason to love him. All we know is that he's as ambitious, competitive, and driven as Christina. So it stands to reason that he'd eventually be attracted to her. I admit I was excited at the prospect of a love triangle, but when he kissed her, it almost felt cheap. This wasn't the result of a tense courtship. It was a drunken attempt to get laid after a high-intensity operation and a disregard of authority. But with any luck he'll eventually redeem himself with an episode that makes us actually give a crap that he exists.

At the same time, I'm psyched for what Reed is bringing to the plot. I don't think Izzie deserves to be cheated on, but I do think Alex deserves to have some fun for once. Denny got the happy and courageous Izzie, and Alex gets the depressed and irresponsible Izzie. Love may be about patience, selflessness, yata, yata, but I'm afraid if he doesn't at least become friends with Reed, he's going to revert to the old, hostile, mysoginist Alex—a resentful cancer on the outside of Izzie.

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  1. I hate Reed! She needs to stay away from Izzie's man.