Sunday, December 06, 2009

CRUSHWORTHY: Aaron Tveit from "Gossip Girl"

Tripp blows! But it turns out Aaron Tveit, the actor who plays him, doesn't. You might of heard of the Tony-award winning Broadway musical Next to Normal. Well, Tveit is actually one of the stars--one of the dancing and singing stars--who impressed the Great White Way's critics and practically stole the show. And that wasn't even his first play. He actually had the lead love-interest role in Wicked and in Hairspray for a while. That's right, Serena's current unsuitable suitor actually has serious talent. In fact, he even auditioned to play Finn in "Glee." (No offense, but I prefer Cory Monteith. He may not sing as good, but he definitely looks more like a suburban jock than the puny politician.)

Luckily for Tveit, his foray into more commercial entertainment outside of theater won't end with "Gossip Girl." He already scored a co-starring role in the much-talked about drama Howl, which also stars James Franco, Jon Hamm, and Jeff Daniels. He'll play the poet Peter Orlovsky, who was best friends with the poet Allen Ginsberg (Franco). The film will focus on the release-aftermath of Ginsberg's most famous poem, Howl. If critics eat it up, he could be looking at a serious film career.

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