Wednesday, December 02, 2009

TV: New Doctors on ABC's "Scrubs" Remodel

I don't really love "Scrubs." It was like "That 70's Show" for me. I'd watch it whenever. But I thought, since they moved to a new network and they went through the trouble of stocking it with new characters to attract new viewers, I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I did. Maybe it's just because I'm older and I have different interests than I did when it first started airing in '01 (back when I was 16), but I find it a lot more amusing now. (Or maybe it's just because the only other thing that's on TV at 9pm is "Melrose Place." "V" should totally switch places with "Ugly Betty," and make it another comedy night. Whatevs.) I'm especially interested in this new incarnation of "Scrubs" because of its new cast. Relax! Dr. Cox, J.D., and Turk have stuck around to guide them:

Lucy (Kerry Bishe)
Background: She's your average girl-next-door, who dreams about saving lives and making a difference, panics about making good first impressions, and is a horrible judge of character.
Cloned from...J.D. and Elliot
Agenda: To make a lot of friends, save a lot of lives, and be taken seriously as a doctor, which unfortunately means standing up to Dr. Cox and taking J.D. on as a mentor.
Funny or Not Funny?: Most of her humor comes from her voiceovers, fantasies, and her destructive relationship with the resident a-hole Cole (aww, it rhymes), who took a naked pic of her with his phone and easily manipulates her.

Drew (Michael Mosley)
Background: Dropped out of med school, went to jail (couldn't tell if that was a joke or not), and has no friends because he drove them all away.
Cloned from...Dr. Cox.
Agenda: To try to get by with the bare minimum, not make any friends or develop any romantic relationships, and finally finish med school. All of that will be difficult since J.D inspired Dr. Cox to take an interest in him and mold him into his protege. Plus, J.D. and Turk got his f*ck buddy Denise to ask for a little more than between-patients sex.
Funny or Not Funny?: His dead-pan humor is a nice contrast to all of the zany behavior going on around him.

Cole (Dave Franco from "Privileged")
Background: His parents are major benefactors of the hospital. He seems to be suffering from only-child, spoiled-brat syndrome.
Cloned from...Todd. I feel like they took Todd, made him younger and more attractive, and gave him money and way more than just one-liners. And tada: a narcissistic pervert who takes advantage of wholesome girls and fails to bed ones who are better at scoring than he is.
Agenda: To get laid as much as possible by as many doctors and interns as possible. Hell, I'm pretty sure if a patient wasn't contagious or non-responsive, he'd sleep with them too. He even coined a term, wing-mom, to describe how he gets his mom to weed out the losers at a bar for him. They either have a loving Gilmore-Girls-esque relationship, or useless therapists.
Funny or Not Funny?:  His delusional belief that every girl wants him, his random and brief doses of deadpan put-downs, and his attempt at street slang (lactose intolerarizzle) makes him extremely hard not to laugh at. I think as long as someone takes him down a peg after every episode, his slimyness won't be as hard to stomach.

Denise (Eliza Coupe)
Background: She's the T.A. for J.D.'s class. She only became a T.A. for the free room and board, and doesn't really plan on helping anyone with their personal issues. She even told suicidal people to kill themselves off-campus so she wouldn't have to do the paper work. She's very tough and intolerant of bullshit. She's not opposed to a little mid-day romp in the on-call room. And she'll cut you down to size if you try to flirt with her or disrespect her authority. Cloned from...Jordan.
Agenda:  She keeps people at a distance with her sharp tongue, but with J.D. and Turk's encouragement it seems like she's going to warm up a bit.
Funny or Not Funny?: Her putdowns are really funny and they're not exclusive to the interns. I loved it when she asked J.D. and Turk when they were going to Vermont to make their relationship legal. Guy love!! lol

All in all, I think they make great additions to the cast, and I'm excited to see if Drew will save Lucy from Cole, if Denise will get jealous and finally give into Cole, if Cole will admit to being a douche to hide his pain, and if Lucy will manage to gain Dr. Cox's respect quicker than J.D. did.

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