Monday, January 11, 2010

CAST WHO?: Taylor Lautner's love interest in "Northern Lights"

I enjoyed a good chuckle when I read that Tom Cruise tapped Taylor Lautner to play his son in the thriller Northern Lights. On what planet do they look related? Whatevs. Lautner's character is an aerobatics pilot, "who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot."

Let's get to casting his romantic interest. So since we're going for fantasy, let's pretend in an alternate universe Megan Fox would be interested in him. Oh god! Why did I put that out in the ether? Hey maybe we can squeeze a bad girl out of the super sweet Carey Mulligan (An Education). Or give Kristin Kreuk a shot at erasing Street Fighter from our memories? Eh. Amanda Bynes and Hayden Panettiere have recently whored themselves out in Maxim and I Love You, Beth Cooper, respectively (but not, if you know what I mean). Maybe that'll get them an audition. His fellow Twilighter Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air) has been getting a lot of press, but I think there might be a height requirement to be a pilot and she's only 5'1". Please god, don't pick Blake Lively. Please. There's just no way that'll be believable. She's beautiful, but she doesn't look like she can work a blender, let alone be a gifted pilot. (Oh and if this were a guy, would they be calling him a "gifted" pilot? I don't think so. Super condescending.) Hmm, maybe if Lindsay Lohan agrees to pretend Scientology "saved" her Tom Cruise'll give it to her. *Sigh* All joking aside, I want a fresh face or at least a relatively fresh one. Any ideas?

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