Monday, January 11, 2010

TV NEWS: Damon & Elena on "Vampire Diaries," New Characters on "True Blood," Chloe & Oliver on "Smallville," and more

• When "Vampire Diaries" returns, there'll be way more Damon and Elena one-on-one time, since Stefan left town. We'll even get to see more of Damon and Katherine's relationship. But even though he seems to be trying to poach Stefan's girl, he will do the unthinkable and help him out in a major way, finally acting like his big brother. Also, now that Bonnie is aware of Elena's vamp relationships, she'll have to come to terms with their existence and decide whether or not she trusts either of them. Meanwhile, Jeremy will start to put the pieces together concering Vicki's death. And in casting news, you'll be happy to know that Melinda Clarke ("The O.C.") is still a pro at playing an irresponsible and undependable mom, when she plays Matt's absentee alcoholic mom in March.

• On the new season of "True Blood," Lindsay Pulsipher ("The Beast") will play Jason's new love interest, and Kevin Alejandro ("Southland" and "Ugly Betty") will play the orderly who takes care of Lafayette's grandmother (Alfre Woodward) and tries to romance him. Rumors are that his reasons for being in Bon Temps aren't completely innocent. Hmm, I bet he's at the center of this season's huge mystery. And for those of you who thought Sookie's only options were Bill or Eric, you'll be happy (or unhappy) to know that they'll be taking a page out of Twilight and giving her a werewolf hunk (Joe Manganiello from "One Tree Hill") to gawk at. Eric hires him to help Sookie track Bill, and sparks fly during their adventure.

Kim Raver got promoted to series regular on "Grey's Anatomy," which means more drama and awkwardness for Cristina and Teddy.

Drea de Matteo fizzled on "Desperate Housewives" this season, failing to compete with previous mysteries, so they've invited Julie Benz ("Dexter") to add to the drama. She'll play a stripper with a Masters degree in education, who gets a little help from Susan to transition into a legitimate career. Why? Because Susan is crazy. Why does she ever do anything?

• For the 100th episode of "Bones," instead of singing and dancing like "How I Met Your Mother," they're going to do a flashback episode to the first case Bones and Booth worked on, and Zack will be there! Yay!

• The character Matt will soon be edged out of "Ugly Betty" and for, in my opinion, the dumbest reason. Apparently, they don't know where to go with the character because they don't want to fabricate anymore drama between him and Betty. You realize they're not real right? And you can fabricate whatever you want, right? It's not like you work for a tabloid and you don't want to make up the latest drama between Justin and Jessica. Anyway, I think it's about time Betty entered a stable relationship with a confident guy. Bring back Gio!! lol

• Um, so like in soap operas, "Smallville" has figured out a way to pair off Chloe and Oliver. Well, since they're the only sane single people left, clearly they must be together. *eye roll* They'll end up at a bed and breakfast at the same time that Clark wisks Lois away to the very same inn. No worries, a red kryptonite-infected Clark will put an end to the sappiness soon enough.

• There will be a new alter on "United States of Tara" by episode 4 of the second season. Unlike the other alters, Shoshanna will be actually be a mentor for the family, instead of a thorn in their side.

• Unfortunately, James Van Der Beek ("Dawson's Creek") will continue his mid-life crisis on "Mercy" as a brash, womanizing doc. I love this show. Don't ruin the show.

• MTV is creating a scripted series that's like "Vampire Diaries," except with werewolves. It's a "dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line.” Newcomer Tyler Posey will play Scott McCall, "a high school dork who develops the ability to attract girls (and other super powers) after a wolf attack." Luckily, he has a best friend (Dylan O’Brien) to help him maneuver his transitions. Unluckily, however,  there’s already another wolf in the neighborhood (7th Heaven’s Tyler Hoechlin), who’s “a vicious and predatory werewolf capable of great harm.” I'm assuming said bad guy will figuratively piss all over the female lead (Crystal Reed), who's crushing on Scott, and claim her for himself.

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