Friday, January 01, 2010

TV: Favorite Episodes of Fall 2009 Season

Here are my favorite episodes of the season:

"30 Rock"
Episode 7 - Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001
Watching Liz spiral out of control and Jenna be the voice of reason was like watching the Twilight Zone. Also, the HD closeups of Liz's haggard face, Kenneth's muppet face, and Jack's young face were also a nice touch.

Episode 11 - And Away They Go!
Ivy thinks of a pretty genius way to reveal Jen's devious personality to Naomi, and finally redeem Annie and Liam.

"Accidentally on Purpose"
Episode 2 - Memento
I generally like any episode where Zack has his shirt off.

Episode 8 - The Foot in the Foreclosure
Booth's grandpa provided what I've been desiring all season: a little help bringing the lovebirds closer together.

Episode 3 - Introduction to Film
Abed constructs a film about his family, explaining how his mother abandoned them. It was a very touching moment in the midst of a comedy.
Episode 9 - Debate 109
Annie and Jeff kick ass at the school debate, and release some seriously buried sexual attention. It showed Annie's badass side, proving her doe-eyed innocence is just a phase.

"Cougar Town"
Episode 2 - Into the Greate Wide Open
Jules spends an entire episode essentially reenacting The Hangover, and it aint pretty.

Episode 6 - Earthling
It's the one where people turn to ash. By far the coolest special effect they've done yet.

Episode 6 - Vitamin D
It's when the girls go against the boys. But honestly, I could watch every single one of them all over again.

"Gossip Girl"
Episode 12 - The Debarted
Chuck comes to terms with his father's death and discovers that his mother might have faked hers.

"Grey's Anatomy"
Episode 5 - Invasion & 6 - I Saw What I Saw
They both brought the series back to what it was all about: competing for surgeries, failing miserably, learning from their mistakes, and falling in love all at the same time.

"How I Met Your Mother"
Episode 8 - The Playbook
Anything that involves Barney chronicling his lechery is extremely fascinating, so it was particularly interesting to get a peak into his playbook.

"Lie to Me"
Episode 1 - The Core of It
Interrogating one liar is tense enough. Imagine interrogating a liar with multiple personalities and a killer secret.
Episode 5 - Grievous Bodily Harm
He has to choose between his life and a friend who he owes his life to. Quite the conundrum.

"Mad Men"
Episode 10 - "Mad Men"
Dude, someone's foot got chopped off by a lawn mower. Just when you think the business is going one way, it just careens off into a different direction. It was like a metaphor for their unpredictable lives.

"The Mentalist"
Episode 8 - His Red Right Hand
It was super creepy. Red John infiltrated the CBI, got a psychotic woman to do his dirty work, nearly killed Bosco, and then offed his accomplice. It was suspenseful and nervewracking.

"The Middle"
Episode 8 - Thanksgiving
It's probably the worst Thanksgiving in the history of recorded Thanksgivings. She really makes motherhood look hard.

"Modern Family"
Episode 9 - Fizbo
Cameron reveals his clown alter-ego Fizbo and manages to turn Mitchell on, while terrifying the crap out of Phil, all while a scorpion roams the over-stuffed kids' party.

"The Office"
Episode 10 - Murder
When you're on the verge of unemployment--and I know what that feels like--it's nice to have a little distraction. And while Michael's was a bit unorthodox, it was also exactly what the staff needed. It showed for once that sometimes he knows exactly what he's doing.

"Parks & Recreation"
Episode 10 - Hunting Trip
I laughed so hard at this episode, from Leslie one-upping Ron to the super inefficient investigation of who eventually shoots him.

Episode 9 - Idol
Lois starts to get wise to Clark's secret identity and the Wonder Twins show up to help him hide it.

"True Blood"
Episode 8 - Timebomb
Jason goes all Rambo to save his sister, Eric tries to sacrifice himself for her twice, and a major terrorist-like vampire explosion happens leading to the death of Godric. It was a jampacked episode.

"Ugly Betty"
Episode 8 - The Bahamas Triangle
The fashion, the comedy, the romantic entanglements were all at the top of their game. Most importantly, Amanda restored her self-respect, finally blowing Matt off, and Betty grew a backbone, exchanging quips with both Mark and Amanda.

"Vampire Diaries"
Damon finally reveals his true intentions and we get a sneak peak into Bonnie's mystical powers.

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