Thursday, December 31, 2009

TV: Favorite New Characters of 2009

There's always that one character(s) that keeps you coming back every week. Here are the ones that have me hooked:

Cameron and Mitchell from "Modern Family"
This lovely couple are polar opposites. One's pleasantly plump and the other is thin. One's flamboyant and the other's afraid of public ridicule. One's overly enthusiastic and the other is overly sarcastic. They're an important representation of a modern couple trying to survive in an unforgiving world.
My Favorite Moment: It has to be when they accidentally locked Lily in the car and the emergency operator was concerned about Mitchell's "wife" hyperventilating, when it was actually Cameron who was losing his mind.

Troy and Abed from "Community"
This comedy duo are pretty funny apart. Their deadpan (Abed) and dimwitted (Troy) one-liner deliveries have me rolling every Thursday night. But when they get together for their post-credit schticks, making up Spanish songs and talking about donut-eating, cannibalistic nightmares, it really steps the episode up several notches.
My Favorite Moment: The Spanish Rap song and Abed's Batman impression.

Davis from "Accidentally on Purpose"
Because of the unbelievably inappropriate things that he says and does the show is ten times funnier. The premise is bearable, but without his stoner mentality and "sage" advice, it would be a flop.
My Favorite Moment: When he tried to quit smoking weed to prove he'd be a good babysitter/godfather.

Joan from "Mad Men"
Roger Sterling is a douche! How could you possibly leave your wife for that dimwitted secretary and not leave her for Joanie? Ok, so maybe Joan didn't want to be the office homewrecker, but let's be honest, who would have the balls to call her that to her face? She is a towering inferno. Jessica Rabbit, in the flesh. I thought she was crazy to marry the doctor after he forced himself on her in the office, but she totally made up for it when she smashed that glass vase over his head. She's the only lady on TV who could pull that off and still seem elegant.
My Favorite Moment: Aside from the vase-to-face action, I liked that when Roger and Don were planning their midnight coup and Roger said that they needed a skirt to sort their paperwork, she came in wearing pants. That's right! Cause she's no skirt!

Cole from "Scrubs"
I'm no stranger to obnoxious trust fund kids who try to coast through life. I've seen "Gossip Girl," "The O.C.," "Melrose Place," "90210," and "Privileged." And I've attended NYU. I've been schooled. But this kid is like what happens when you leave your trust fund baby unattended for 20 years and he's basically raised by BET, deluded into believing that he's a player. He's like Vanilla Ice, if he were born rich. The things that come out of his mouth are unbelievable. I get that he's supposed to be a representation of today's generation, which abbreviate words, use -izzle as a suffix, and think perversion is a form of flattery, but that still doesn't soften the blow of every idiotic line that comes out of his mouth.
My Favorite Moment: Anytime he surprises me with a twist on a medical term that if heard by a patient would make them beg for a new doctor or threaten a lawsuit at the notion of malpractice.

Damon from "Vampire Diaries"
You gotta give it up to Ian Somerhalder—thirty years old and playing an undead badass on a teen vampire series. Damon is like if Angelus bit Chuck Bass and made him his little protege, then set him free in the world to wreak havoc. He's vindictive and genuinely terrifying, but at the same time easy to pity and fall for. I can't freaking wait till Elena considers, for a millisecond, the potential that he has as a boyfriend, lover, maker, whatever.
My Favorite Moment: When he did his fake growl imitation of Stefan in the pilot episode.

Tom from "Parks & Recreation"
I'm a fan of ethnic people not playing into their stereotypes, but he's such a polar opposite of the culture he represents that I'm pretty sure they deny any relation. Tom is a backboneless, opportunistic, condescending perv. He's exactly the kind of politician you'd find in a Pawnee government office if politicians were uncensored and unashamed to be completely inconscienable. While it's fun to watch him run amok, it's also nice to see that of all the people in the office, he's the most likely to cut her some slack. He may be a perv on paper (restraining order-wise), but at the end of the day, he's reliable.
My Favorite Moment: The episode when he got a divorce and he refused a lapdance because he was depressed.

April from "Parks & Recreation"
When I started watching the series, I thought she was an insult to my generation. We're not angsty, soulless, nonresponsive, little weirdos with dead eyes. Ok, maybe I was being a bit touchy. But she was the only teenager on the series, and it was only...four years ago that the word teen was in my age, so I felt slighted on their behalf. But when I saw the fifth episode, where Pawnee has to play host to Venezuelan diplomats and represent for America, I started to warm up to her. She revealed she was half Spanish and that she was fluent. Then she proceeded to reject the Venezuelan intern in Spanish, ignore his threats of suicide, and participate in what could only be referred to as the first bilingual soap opera within an American mockumentary. Hands down, the funniest gringo-speaking-Spanish soap opera I've seen since Jack spotted his doppleganger on Telemundo in "30 Rock."
My Favorite Moment: Aside from her Spanish skit, I've been enjoying her school-girl crush on Andy, and her coy glances at the camera.

Abby from "Accidentally on Purpose"
High-strung people can be a bit grating. But her frantic exclamations of excitement or frustration make her seem more...medicated than uptight, which adds to the laughs. No seriously, she has you wondering if maybe her parents slipped in a little Ritalin with her morning cereal and then handed that little problem off to her husband once he slid that engagement ring on her finger. She provides a nice contrast to the uber mellow Davis.
My Favorite Moment: When she asked to borrow Billie's dress while she was already wearing it, and when she said that she answers the phone during sex because she has entered into several sweepstakes. I really hope she's not based on a real person. lol

Brick from "The Middle"
That boy is weird. That really is all you have to know. His one-liners are bizarre and inappropriate, and generally not something a child should ever think or say, but they're not profane. They're just genuinely weird, which is what I personally think most children are anyway. He's like the perfect representation of how weird kids can be. I once assisted my daycare-teacher mom in her classroom and watched as a 4-year-old covertly deposited stolen apple juice into her backpack. Asking apparently never occurred to her. You say "future juvenile delinquent." I say "little weirdo."
My Favorite Moment: Whenever he whispers a word under his breath loud enough to creep out his parents. Hilarious!

Victor from "Dollhouse"
This series was supposed to be a vehicle to show the different personalities Eliza Dushku could take on, proving her worth as an actress. However, Enver Gjokaj was actually the one who outdid everyone on the show, seamlessly moving between personalities and accents like he was meant to play a double agent.
My Favorite Moment: When Victor did an astoundingly perfect Topher impression, goofy mannerisms and all.

Joanna and Max from "Eastwick"
I knew this show was doomed from the start, so I wasn't surprised when it was cancelled. But it started to get good when they added Jason Winston George's character Max, giving Joanna a romantic interest that was worth tuning in for. He gets under skin and if it got renewed, we could've seen the entire evolution of their love-hate relationship. Although, last night it seemed as though he was ordered to infiltrate her life. Hmm.
My Favorite Moment: When he shamelessly stole her job and her story.

Jordan from "Ruby and the Rockits"
I know you probably don't watch the Family Channel or anything that's on it (aside from "Greek" of course), but I swear to you Austin Robert Butler is an extremely funny kid. He made incest funny...and that's NEVER funny. His disturbingly hilarious crush on his cousin Ruby is the funniest part of the series, because even though he's hot enough to get any girl he wants, the only one he does want is related to him. Trust me. You have to see it to believe it.
My Favorite Moment: Any time he stumbles over double entendres that sound like he's in love with her, causing his little brother to call him some variation of "pathetic."

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