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TV RECAP: Elena is Adopted & Alaric's Revenge on "Vampire Diaries"

*Gasp* She's adopted!!!!! dum-Dum-DUM!!!!
And the plot thickens. I have to admit, I didn't really expect for Stefan to have an actual explanation for why Elena looked exactly like his long-lost, undead love Katherine. After she found the photo and bolted from his house post-love-making, I thought he was going to admit to being super creepy and jonesing after her because of the resemblance, then beg for forgiveness. And I was pretty sure she'd forgive him, because while the two ladies do look similar, they have very, very different personalities. But apparently there's been a whole lot more behind Stefan's brooding stares than he's let on.

The first time Stefan saw Elena wasn't on the first day of school, but when she and her parents crashed their car into the river. Her mother was a goner, but he could still save her dad. Unfortunately, her father demanded that Stefan save her first. After noticing the resemblance, a mixture of shock and the rapid sinking of the car resulted in her father's death. In spite of his discovery, Stefan's main concern from that point on wasn't to woo her, but verify that she wasn't Katherine. So he went through her medical files and discovered that although her birth certificate does exist, there is no record of her mom giving birth to her at the hospital on record. Therefore, he deduced that she must be adopted, which means Katherine could very well be one of her ancestors. My theory is that, since her family kept a journal of the town's vampire legends, they must've been apart of that makeshift "neighborhood watch." Perhaps, they knew her mom and they were forced to either take Elena away when her mom was turned or adopt her when she was killed. Either way, Elena just got ten times more interesting.

Damon & Elena's Budding Friendship
I was psyched to see how Damon would convince Elena that he could be a trusted friend, but the end result was a let-down. On the surface (and in the daylight), he was cracking jokes and hugging witches and being Elena's devoted bodyguard, but that didn't last for long. He took her on a roadtrip to see a witch named Bree (Gina Torres from "Gossip Girl" and Serenity) that he used to bed a few decades back (lol was she supposed to be in her late 20s? please) to ask her more about the methods he can use to release Katherine from the tomb. She swore that he did everything he could and without the crystal he was screwed. Then she called up the boyfriend of Stefan's female bff Lexi and told him that Damon was in town. Naturally, he was seeking vengeance of the maximum variety, since Damon killed Lexi. If you remember, she said that her boyfriend was human and she refused to turn him. But he knew that if he was going to go head-to-head with Damon, he'd have to be a vamp. With his newfound gifts, he not only threw Damon around, but bashed in his legs so he couldn't run away, poured gasoline all over him, and prepared to set him on fire. If it wasn't for Elena's pleas, he probably would've succeeded in not only ridding this world of Damon, but preventing Katherine from being freed...because you know it's going to happen eventually.

*sigh* I don't think she realizes how much trouble she could've avoided if she just let it happen. She could've at least saved Bree, whose heart he later ripped out. I mean, I get why she saved his life. He saved hers from the vampire that was going to drain her dry after causing her to crash, but she's human and good. That makes sense. Saving a murderous psychopath doesn't. I thought they were going to have a real friendship, but it just seems like she's being duped by his charms. It's a catch-22. I want them to be friends, but I don't want him to be good. We've already seen what happens to a neutered bad boy on "Gossip Girl." It results in boring plot lines.

Alaric's Secret Agenda
Unsurprisingly Damon has way more enemies than friends. How he hasn't been fileted alive yet is the real mystery. The smolderingly sexy professor Alaric, who's taken young Jeremy under his wing and inspired him to research the town's history--no doubt for his own gain--treated us to a flashback. Apparently, he walked in on Damon draining his beautiful wife, and since he was entranced by the blood, Damon never noticed him. That must be why he doesn't flinch whenever Alaric looks his way. I mean, the only other explanation is that Damon is so coldhearted he doesn't even bother to memorize the faces of the humans whose lives he's destroyed. Either way, the flashback didn't really explain what Alaric was doing in town. Yes, he wants revenge. But why not take a page out of Lexi's boyfriend's book, pour gasoline on him, and light a match? Why do in-depth research about all the main families of the town?

My theory is that he is searching for a way to perform the classic "an eye for an eye." I think he wants to free Katherine and kill her once and for all. Damon managed to squeeze out a confession from Bree, revealing that if he finds Emily's spell book, he can find the reversal spell, which means that Alaric could be searching for that particular book. That might be stretching it a bit, but honestly, what other reason would he have to brush up on so much history? Then there's the fact that he wears a ring similar to the Salvatore brothers. As illustrated in the scene where he lost it in his car and wasn't in the least bit harmed by the sunlight, he doesn't actually need it. So where did he get it from...or who did he steal it from? In the chapters that I read from the first book, their father wasn't a vampire. They were the first generation vampires in their family. And the person who gave them that ring was Katherine, which means that it could be one of her family's heirlooms, adding to the idea that he's searching for her. So if he's searching through her family history and Elena is related to her, it stands to reason that whatever he finds might be of use to Elena.

Jeremy's Vampire Research
Apparently, when you aren't deeply depressed, high on drugs, and obsessed with a trashy girl that's way out of your league, you have plenty of time to do extracurricular hang out at the library. Wow! This boy is exhilarating! Anyway, he bumped into (literally, more than once) a cute girl named Anna (Malese Jow from "Unfabulous" and Aliens in the Attic), while perusing the shelves. They got all flirty while talking about the town's history. She's well-versed on it and understandably nerdy, because she's home-schooled. The library is her idea of "getting out." With her assistance, Jeremy's starting to realize that all of those mysterious deaths that have been happening aren't actually that mysterious. Me thinks he'll figure out what really happened to Vicki, which will surely put a damper on his relationship with his sister, if she gets too chummy with Damon.

The Witch's Path
Bonnie and Stefan had a little bonding session. He was trying to get her to find Elena, but Bonnie suddenly realized that she didn't have any more powers ever since they performed the ceremony in the forest that destroyed the crystal. She went back to the scene of the ritual to see if...I don't know why to be honest. What did she think she could do? Roll around on the ground and pick up some supernatural fairy dust? *rolls eyes* Being the genius that she is, knowing that vampires exist and there's a tomb of vampires beneath the forest, she wanders around the woods, and, for our own personal amusement, falls through a shaft. Cue the creepy whispers of the entrapped undead and the inevitable whimpering. Stefan eventually comes to the rescue, promises that he'll make sure the vamps don't get out, and manages to bond with her grandmother, reminding her that they'd met in the past when she was an inspiring activist. It was funny that while she didn't seem to mistrust him, she had no intentions of inviting him into her home.

Matt, Caroline, & Tyler
They were all MIA during this episode, but I read that Matt's mom (Melinda Clarke from "The O.C.") is coming back and she's going to go after Damon. I wonder, since she's a cougar lush, if she'll even care that he's a vamp. Hopefully, he doesn't kill her though. I think Matt's suffered enough for one decade. Honestly, he should be the one doing drugs (not that I condone or advise that sort of thing). It's just that Jeremy's parents may have died, but Matt's chose to leave him and he thinks Vicki did too. I'd be pretty depressed if I were him.

Next week, there's a 50s-themed school dance and the creepy vamp of the shadows that almost killed her will be back to finish her off. Hmm, I wonder which Salvatore will come to the rescue?

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