Thursday, February 04, 2010

MUSIC: Fall Out Boy Breaking Up has Inspired the Creation of My Dream Band

As you may have heard today, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, two of the members of Fall Out Boy, announced that the band will be taking a somewhat prolonged break. They were a bit vague, but it seems like they can't agree on the next album, which is understandable, considering that most bands or solo artists always have to reinvent themselves or their sound with every album. Some bands/groups, like Black Eyed Peas and Linkin Park can usually agree on their next metamorphoses, but unfortunately not everybody grows at the same pace or in the same direction. In fact, most bands of our generation have a life expectancy of 5-15 years after they "make it." There are no more Aerosmith's or Bon Jovi's, who are predicted to rock out even after their Social Security check kicks in.

Once they start making babies or one band member gets more attention than another, everything falls apart. With the label-dropping, album-stalling, and general MIA behavior of such bands as Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, and No Doubt, we're running out of the collective collaborations of awesome musicians and lyricists. Even the Jonas Brothers are "taking a break." While it is true that some bands, like Blink 182, get back together even after public declarations of mutual hatred or animosity, I think this is a prime opportunity for us to encourage the creation of super bands.

On Twitter, Blink 182's Mark Hoppus joked that he was quitting Fall Out Boy, then John Mayer joked that he was replacing him. While those amateur comedians may have only been riffing, it's not such a bad theory. What if you could mix members from all of your favorite bands and create a super band? I mean, if we don't give them something to do, they'll end waiting for their royalties to run dry before they start pimping themselves out for lame TV show guest spots, film cameos, and reality shows.

Okay so I created my super band, but I would like to first say that I broke some rules in doing so. Some of these artists are solo acts and none of them are strangers to the current Billboard charts.

Singers: Jason Mraz and Haley from Paramore
Guitarists: John Mayer and Orianthi
Piano: Alicia Keys
Drums: Questlove from The Roots
Producer: Timbaland
Songwriter: Kate Nash, Sara Bareilles, and Jesse McCartney
Vibe: Adam Levine from Maroon 5 [his job is to just stand there and stare the crowd down, lol]

Hmm, what should I name it?

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