Tuesday, February 02, 2010

TV NEWS: 6 New Syfy Fairytale Mini-movies, Lesbians on "Desperate Housewives," and more

Dana Delany's Katherine will be starting a new phase of her life on "Desperate Housewives." She's going to become a lesbian. And who better to be her first than the delightful stripper-turned-teaching-assistant Robin (Julie Benz from "Dexter"). Hmm, is this the plot that proves the series should just wrap it up? I think 6 years is enough.

Joey Lawrence (My Fake Fiancee and "Run of the House") and Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch") signed on for the ABC Family comedy series "Melissa & Joey." The concept kind of sounds like "Who's the Boss?" It's about a local politician who gets much-needed help raising her niece and nephew from a manny. The two 90s actors did have a bit of chemistry in their made-for-TV ABC Family film, but I'll have to see a few episodes first before I can pass judgment.

• Syfy had such great success with the miniseries re-imaginations of The Wizard of Oz ("Tin Man") and Alice in Wonderland ("Alice") that they've decided to do 6 more. The first, "Beauty and the Beast" is set to premiere on Saturday, February 27, at 9PM. "In this gritty celebration of Valentine’s Day, a young Beauty with a gift for healing helps a deformed Prince regain his throne and defeat the ruthless nobleman who wants to be king — and then together they try to destroy a power-hungry witch."

Here's a description of the other five:

o "Red" — A young woman who is a descendant of the real Little Red Riding Hood brings her fiancé home, where he meets the family and learns about their business – hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical until bitten by a werewolf. When her family insists he must be killed, Red tries saving him.
o "Hansel" — Twenty years after his encounter with the witch, a grown-up Hansel returns to the haunted forest, seeking revenge. But there’s a surprise waiting – his sister Gretel (who he thought had been killed) is the witch’s protégée.

o "8TH Voyage of Sinbad" — Sinbad searches for the golden head of the long lost Colossus of Rhodes and, instead, discovers an island where the mythical Minotaur still rules, protecting a vast treasure. Sinbad and his crew have to battle the creature and its minions to get the treasure and save their own lives.

o "Aladdin" (working title) — After accidentally releasing an evil genie from an ancient lamp, Aladdin must find a way to imprison the genie again before it wreaks havoc on the world.
o "Black Forest" — A group of naïve tourists take a sightseeing tour into a supposed enchanted forest, where they encounter evil creatures from the world of fantasy. Trapped in the Black Forest, their only hope of survival is fighting their way out.

I'm psyched for "Red" and "Hansel"! How about you?

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