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TV RECAP: "Vampire Diaries": Elena's paternity & new vamps in town

Alaric is Elena's Daddy?
Auntie Jenna revealed that all she knows about Elena's adoption is that her mother begged for assistance in delivering her baby, and Elena's doctor-dad was kind enough to offer her shelter. When she ditched Elena, he was all too eager to claim her as his own, since he and his wife were having trouble conceiving. They doctored a birth certificate and voila!: an illegal adoption. The best part of that revelation wasn't her parents' good deed, but the fact that she learned her mom's name was Isabel...the same name of Professor Alaric's wife. I know what you're thinking. He's WAY too young to be Elena's father. She looks 20. He's looks…maybe 35. But, he could've met her after she gave birth to someone else's baby, since I can't imagine why he wouldn't have wanted to raise his own child. But then that brings up who Elena's mystery daddy might be and whether or not he is currently a vampire.

Either way, if the late Mrs. Alaric is Elena's mom, that means that Damon murdered her mom, which means that their budding friendship is about to hit a wall--a huge wall, strapped with dynamite. While these little tidbits have cleared up a few things, as you can see they've brought up a few more questions. Like, for example, ones concerning Jeremy's paternity. If they were having trouble conceiving and Jeremy is younger than Elena, then who are his parents? Also, does "trouble conceiving" translate to "vampire"? I know. I know. She drowned in the car accident. But we never saw the car accident, so she could've been knocked unconscious and then escaped later. Who knows? (I mean, other than people reading the books. lol)

Damon's New Frenemies
Guess what! Damon isn't the only one trying to open the tomb filled with 20something vampires dying to feed on the flesh of the unsuspecting townsfolk and seek their revenge. Nope there are not one, not two, but three vampires in town hatching a dastardly plan to release their...friends? I can't really tell if they're looking to release Katherine for friendly purposes, if they plan to kill them all, or if they're in search of a different, potentially more sinister, vampire. But at least we know who's behind it. I always thought that adorably sweet, home-schooled, vampire-educated Asian girl was suspicious. I mean, Jeremy is cute and all, but not stalk-day-and-night cute. Although I'm sure he appreciates the tables being turned for once. At the 50s dance, Anna revealed her true colors, particularly in the eye area, when she nearly vamped out trying to get him to give up his uncle's juicy journal, which he ingeniously lent out to Alaric. Maybe Alaric's mysterious agenda is to open the tomb and kill Damon's one true love. Now THAT would make sense...as opposed to all the small talk and half-smiles.

Anna is partnered up with her uber hot boyfriend Ben (Sean Faris from Never Back Down), who is currently pretending to have the hots for Bonnie, so he can eventually get whatever witchcraft-related item he'll need to open the tomb. Poor Bonnie can't meet a normal guy. The trio was rounded out by Elena's stalker, the guy she accidentally ran over before Damon saved her. He apparently had a thing for Katherine--a sadistic thing--and felt the need to torture Elena just because she looked like her. (I have a feeling that's going to be happening a lot, because she sure did get around.) The Salvatore brothers had to execute him. Actually, they had to kill him because he posed as a pizza guy and Jeremy, the genius, invited him into the house, giving him free reign. While it's true that Elena failed to realize an enemy vamp was in the house with the help of her trusty new vampire-detector, I think that if given enough time, she could've taken him out herself. She stabbed him in the chest and hand with three pencils, broke a broom/mop in half with her shin, and almost stabbed him in the chest. So close! That's okay though. She did more in one season than Lana did in five on "Smallville," so I am very proud of her. lol But I suggest she take a page out of Buffy's bible and learn how to fight.

Damon's Surprising New Partner in Crime
Stefan offered to help Damon open the tomb on the one condition that he gets to kill all the other vampires in the tomb. Damon agreed to trust him on the one condition that Stefan tell him the real reason that he wants to help, causing Stefan to admit that it's to get him out of town...for good. lol Like that's going to happen. When the season started, Damon said he wanted things back the way they used to be, when he had his vampire girlfriend and his awesome little brother by his side. I don't think he'll settle for half the fantasy. Although, I would advise him to. Won't it be weird to have two Elena-lookalikes at the dinner table? lol Of course, Stefan has no intentions of going along with Damon's plan. No, he's going to double cross him. *sigh* When is Stefan going to learn that he can't be devious? It's not even remotely possible.

Next week, we get a flashback to the good old days when Katherine was playing both brothers against each other, and their father looked on with disapproval.

Side note: Wouldn't it be funny if Katherine wasn't even in the tomb and she's just hiding out until she can make her move? (And, of course, by funny, I mean, awesome!)

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