Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TV NEWS: "Glee" guest stars, Booth's new love interest on "Bones," and more

• "Glee" is capitalizing off of its awards and cult-following, casting a million actors to guest star when it returns this Spring. They've already scheduled Neil Patrick Harris and J.Lo to appear, and now they've scored Molly Shannon as Sue Sylvester's nemesis for May. Her character, Brenda Castle, is described as the busty 45-year-old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley High School who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper.

• I thought Zach Gilford was leaving "Friday Night Lights" to start his film career, but I guess since he hasn't exactly been spotted as the "next big thing," he's signed on for another series. He was cast in the upcoming ABC drama "Matadors." It's a modern-day Romeo & Juliet love story about two rival Chicago-based families, one in the DA's office and another in a high-powered law firm. He'll be the Romeo in question, but his Juliet hasn't been cast yet. EW's Ausiello is rooting for Autumn Reeser, who was a nice jolt of funny on the last season of "The O.C." and a hard-ass seductress on last year's "Entourage." But I'm thinking maybe Amanda Bynes, Joanna Garcia ("Privileged" and "Gossip Girl"), and Kristin Kreuk ("Smallville" and "Chuck").  There's Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku ("Dollhouse"), Navi Rawat ("The O.C." and "Numb3rs") and Sarah Shahi ("Life" and "The L Word"), but they might be too...mature for him. As long as it's not Mischa Barton, I think he'll be fine.

• He's not the only "FNL" alum to get a new pilot. Minka Kelly (Lyla) has been cast in "True Love," a CBS comedy about four New Yorkers who are looking for love. Her character, Kate, is described as a sweet, strong-willed, Midwestern girl. So think of it as Lyla moving to the big city to find love. Even though it's being produced by Matt Tarses ("Scrubs" and "Worst Week"), it kind of sounds in the vein of "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother."

Rena Sofer ("Heroes" and "24") is joining the cast of "Bones" as a recurring character who will steal Booth's heart.

• According to the rumor mill, networks are vying for a chance to bring Keri Russell back to TV. Not clear whether it's as a guest star, a new series regular, or as the star of her own series, but whatever it is it'll have to be pretty impressive, so she doesn't sully the legacy she created with "Felicity." I'd suggest playing it safe like Calista Flockhart, who went from starring in "Ally McBeal" to co-starring in "Brothers & Sisters." She should take a page out of Michelle Trachtenberg's handbook, segue out of icon status with a mini-role on a well-known series, as she did going from "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" to "Gossip Girl" to "Mercy." Which series do you think she should wet her feet with? If there weren't so many doctors on "Grey's Anatomy," I'd suggest joining it, but she could also join "Mercy." They're light on kind, caring doctors. However, if she gets her own show, hopefully she'll go for something gritty and not mind-numbingly sweet.

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